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  • 11,383
    Godot finds a Swiss about to fire, and takes on the "slow and steady" draft queue. The tortoise wasn't flashy, but he did win the race...
  • 11,374
    Moriarty goes into detail about the deck he's been using to qualify for the upcoming Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS).
  • 11,359
    This week's a perfect mirror image of the previous one, with a Control deck taking the win among a horde of aggressive opponents in the most crowded MPDC event of the last two years. Read on to find out everything about the impressive rookie players that took the veterans by surprise and the Steady Progress of a good old deck that now plays in a very different way!
  • 11,352
    Prefer your white decks a little slower? Like reanimating creatures the white way? Well I have just the deck for you! In this article I will be looking at an Emeria Control deck in Modern, complete with deck tech, cost analysis and gameplay videos.
  • 11,339
    Every month, PureMTGO users run a card design contest in this site's forums. This article contains the entries, along with the judges' scores and commentary, for the September 2007 contest, in which contestants were tasked with designing cards with alternate win conditions (like Battle of Wits or Barren Glory). If you're interested in the finer points of card design, or just want to see some cool card ideas, read on!
  • 11,327
    Power 9. Short Article. Rather, in this article, I'll list (with links!) EVERY SINGLE CARD not online. Then we'll take a closer look at the cards that have a reason besides "filling out limited" to make it online. 828 cards not online... Which ones do we care even the slightest little bit about? Teeny tiny little iota of interest?
  • 11,307
    New to pauper? In need of a new deck? Come inside and check some of the classic pauper decks!The price of almost every strong deck in the current meta and few quick advice where to cut them if you are low on cash.
  • 11,252
    What do you think about these Cube picks? Vote now for live results!
  • 11,238
    Pete gives a rundown of news, prices, trends, new decks, and then talks about five ways in which Magic the Gathering and Magic Online are different games. Not better, not worse - just different form each other.
  • 11,150
    Join us (AJ and Paul) as we betray some bans, check out the hot new spell book, and note a pause in paper magic.
  • 11,142
    The Community Team recently won us some Momir avatars and very soon there will be a huge Momir Basic tournament. I have compiled everything you need to know about the format and inside you will find all of them. Experienced players will get to refresh their knowledge and new players will get to learn the basics of Momir Basic.
  • 11,140
    In this article, I will take a look at a UWR Delver deck. The deck is an aggressive take on the more traditional UWR Control decks that currently exist in Modern. I also give my opinions on the current state of Modern and my experiences at the Journey in Nyx paper prerelease.
  • 11,128
    In this edition of Becoming A Modern Man, I look at Goblins in Modern. The deck is very budget friendly but can it before against the premier decks in the format? I look at the card choices, the cost of the deck and then take it for a test drive!
  • 11,071
    Three decks that end the turn.
  • 11,056
    Entry fees have doubled and players are revolting! ...but how can you smell them if we all play online? Wakka Wakka! Also FTV: Angels, Eldrazi fun, Tuck rule longings, a youtube sponsored video, Xantid Swarm and oh so much more!
  • 11,046
    Each month, PureMTGO users run a card design contest in this site's forums. This article contains the entries, along with the judges' scores and commentary, for the March 2008 contest, in which competitors were asked to design a card around a piece of artwork that they chose from a pre-determined selection.
  • 11,022
    Matthew brings his number-oriented analysis to bear on the Journey into Nyx spoiler. He'll talk about how the format is likely to change as a result of the inclusion of a pack of Journey into Nyx. He'll look at the speed of the format, as well as which archetypes will improve or decline with the release of the set.
  • 11,016
    My first deck using a Theros Commander! What does Daxos bring to the table? Check it out!
  • 11,008
    So. Many. LEGENDS!!! What's good in Commander for Kamigawa? Check it out!
  • 10,995
    In the third article in this series I'll be looking at Splinter Twin. Deck tech, cost breakdown and commentated gameplay footage all included within.
  • 10,993
    Matthew is back with a deep dive in to the spoiler of Born of the Gods. He talks about the best strategies, how to evaluate Tribute and Inspired, and gives suggestions about what colors to choose for the prerelease. Check it out!
  • 10,922
    Click inside to see the winner of the Exodus Precon Contest. Also make sure you check out how to enter the name the deck contest!
  • 10,913
    Kumagoro's usual assessment of all the new creatures from the latest core set... that he managed to write and submit in a timely fashion, for once!
  • 10,913
    Both hexchant and aristocrats has been a driving force of this current standard from the beginning. And it sure seems everyone has them figured out but with the end coming so soon the question comes out to be is it too late to innovate these decks?
  • 10,879
    Welcome to the very first set of the very last 3-set block in Magic history!