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  • 8,864
    Chris is back with more Pauper content this week. He decides to focus his attention on the multi-format star: Gray Merchant of Asphodel.
  • 8,831
    Tribal is back. And it never even left the room!
  • 8,824
    Pete spent the weekend in Chicago, at the largest North American Grand Prix ever. PT champion Gabriel Nassif won his second major event in 2 weeks, while 1,230 players defined the format. What impact will Legacydecks have on Classic? What cards are missing online, and how relevant are they? Answers inside.
  • 8,819
    Zendikar may not be online yet, but now is the time to prepare for its arrival! Join Godot for a first look at Zendikar limited, including in-depth breakdowns of allies and landfall.
  • 8,800
    Join us (AJ and Paul) as we peruse Arena's State of the Program, catch up with the latest rules updates, and check in on Maro.
  • 8,759
    When do you consider a Commander deck a failure?
  • 8,747
    Oraymw takes a break from general strategy in order to examine the RoE limited environment, including his pick for the best archetype in the format.
  • 8,733
    In this edition of Becoming A Modern Man, I take a look at the classic cascading combo, Living End.
  • 8,693
    Tired of Fumigate wrecking your best plans? Do you want to block and still have creatures after combat? Our free preview card from Wizards of the Coast will show off a new card from Core Set 2019!
  • 8,692
    Bloodbraid Elf has been unleashed! I take a look at one of the new homes for the recently unbanned card, Tribal Zoo.
  • 8,665
    In a new series of articles, Lee walks you through drafting the mill deck in INN/INN/INN draft!
  • 8,603
    Kumagoro's usual assessment of all the new creatures from the latest core set... that he managed to write and submit in a timely fashion, for once!
  • 8,602
    This article will give you a quick primer on using the Madness mechanic in MTGO. It also gives a rundown on a UG Madness brew that seeks to take full advantage of both discard and the graveyard on its way to victory!
  • 8,580
    This Giant Slayer article puts the spotlight on a Modern deck that has improved it's position in the meta with the release of Khans of Tarkir. This GW Hexproof Auras deck succeeded in a Modern Daily Event and did so with a budget build. We take an in-depth look at the deck to see how it works and performs.
  • 8,576
    It is time. They have awakened. All is Dust on Zendikar and YOU have to make a decision. Which side will you be on? Come on in and read what I think of the new set; after all every bit of information will help when you choose your side.
  • 8,576
    It's Friday. V3 is dead, V4 is here. Is it time to sell out? (No - reasons why in the article.) We have prices, news, opinion, decklists with M15 cards and a visit from the bomb squad, all inside!
  • 8,544
    Three decks that end the turn.
  • 8,540
    Play tips for the BW Pestilence deck with detailed matchup information and sideboarding!
  • 8,536
    It's Friday. M15 spoilers abound, but now you will have to fight Garruk to get to the visual spoiler. Wizards has announced a shutdown for the V3 client, but has promised us some free M15 prerelease events to get us back on the Wide Beta. Vintage has arrived on MTGO, and we learn that Sasquatch has hacked MTGO. Plus prices, tech and more, just a click away.
  • 8,516
    Brrrrr! Let's look at the top 5 of these frosty trends.
  • 8,515
    Pestilence 2BB Enchantment At end of turn, if no creatures are in play, sacrifice Pestilence. B: Pestilence deals 1 damage to each creature and each player.
  • 8,488
    A little late for Halloween, but the zombies have come out to play! Check out this Grimgrin deck for all your undead needs!
  • 8,477
    A week of Mercadian Masques is coming up. If you don't want to miss out on the value picks, but have no clue on how to draft MM then this is the article for you.
  • 8,475
    Both hexchant and aristocrats has been a driving force of this current standard from the beginning. And it sure seems everyone has them figured out but with the end coming so soon the question comes out to be is it too late to innovate these decks?
  • 8,451
    Get bored of playing with the same cards? Do you need a change? How about something fresh or even better, something unseen? Yes, I said unseen. Let me show you how you can do that.