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    26 Pauper deck wizards showed up to duel for the title at the sixth event of The Pauper Deck Challenge's tenth season. I hopped into the fray with a mono-blue control/aggro build that plowed deep into the tournament, only to be thwarted by a surprising juggernaut.
  • 9,634
    The MTGO Legacy Cube is back! Running from February 28 - March 16. Cube Addict SteveJeltz breaks down some of the powerful cards and strategies you should elect as you wade your way into this spring's cube drafting.
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    Without any official announcements a new item appeared in the shop - the new Planeswalker Deck Pack II. Because nobody knew any details, I bought one and did some research.
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    In this installment of Ars Arcanum, Matthew does a deep dive on Vintage Masters draft. He covers the speed of the format, as well as the best decks. He talks about Storm, Cycling, Madness, and other powerful decks, and gives advice on how to draft them to win as much as possible.
  • 9,580
    A look at the original Modern Birthing Pod deck - Melira Pod! Come see how the most persistent deck in Modern holds up against the wide metagame.
  • 9,554
    A humorous listing of some unusual errors YOU may be conditioned to making.
  • 9,535
    Have we got an offer for you! It slices, it dices, it makes Julienne fries, and it cuts the Burning Vengeance archetype to ribbons! The pain of Flashback, gone! But, if you act now, we’ll throw in destruction of another mechanic for the same low price!. Call now, operators are standing by…
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    What's this? Has our hero turned... evil??? Take a look and find out!
  • 9,489
    Godot finds a Swiss about to fire, and takes on the "slow and steady" draft queue. The tortoise wasn't flashy, but he did win the race...
  • 9,476
    Matthew takes a step back from current limited formats and digs deep back into Magic's history to explore the changes in removal over the past 15 years. He catalogues every removal spell from Invasion to Dragons of Tarkir, and then breaks down the numbers.
  • 9,427
    Time to start out my 2013 articles with a new installment of Boosh's Combo Compendium! VOL 1 had 68 combos chronicled and 8 decks dissected-- how will VOL 2 compare? Join me inside to find out! These compendiums are chock full of useful Johnny knowledge. Do yourself a favor and read its contents! :)
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    So. Many. LEGENDS!!! What's good in Commander for Kamigawa? Check it out!
  • 9,342
    Matthew is back with a deep dive in to the spoiler of Born of the Gods. He talks about the best strategies, how to evaluate Tribute and Inspired, and gives suggestions about what colors to choose for the prerelease. Check it out!
  • 9,335
    It's Friday! It was Announcement Day! at Wizards, so we have lots of news. We also had a twitter storm after Aaron Forsythe (legally) cast Cone of Flame in a Standard match, surprising a lot of people. Niels Noorlander won the MTGO Championship, and we are seeing even more new archetypes in Standard, Modern and even the other eternal formats. And Pete looks at options for handling bulk cards - all just a click away.
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    What better way to celebrate Heaven and Hell Week than to make a deck with a couple Gods, some Angels and Demons and a whole mess of Clerics to worship them?
  • 9,296
    Alex examines the recent uproar over a card many want banned in Crypt Rats, and goes over why no card for the foreseeable future will be banned in all-Commons Magic.
  • 9,262
    Follow me as I try to make UB Reanimator work, a deck that smashes faces with huge zombies!
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    Bored of Pauper? Peasant too limiting? Come read about an exciting new format that is both affordable and a lot of fun to play.
  • 9,249
    Matthew comes back to analyzing full RTR block draft. He looks at the numbers for when we put all three sets together, and then dives deep into each of the three color combinations. This analysis will give you a blueprint of what directions to explore early on in the format, and how the guilds will interact together.
  • 9,247
    This article covers a Mono Blue Tron deck that has managed to do what many other decks could not; succeed in an MTGO Modern Daily event or MTGO Modern Premier event and do it at a low budget price. It is a Giant Slayer.
  • 9,243
    In this article, gwyned shares his build of Metalhawk that he piloted to a 2nd place finish in MPDC 11.14 Check out the link for a quick analysis of the decklist and a retrospective video-cast of his match from Round 1 of the tournament versus Esper Control.
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    This week we'll take a look at what happened at the latest standard event and the first to be held in South America in the last couple of years. This was the first standard event since PT Hollywood, and the last before the release of Eventide. Would Gindy Elves dominant again, or would Faeries regain the top spot, or did the release of Shadowmoor on MTGO give players enough time to come up with something new?
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    Tom provides a fresh look at the pauper format with new deck variations, their matchups and their strategies. One of these rogue decks proves its might against goblins at their best, and even dukes it out in queues. As a double-whammy article, Tom also reveals a poor card choice that ended up in multiple top8 decks in a recent pauper PE. All this and more! This article is being reran with a new update by the writer.
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    A close look at the online metagame in the MTGO Daily Events with decklists, data and videos about the 4 major constructed for2mats: Standard , Extended , Block Constructed and Classic. Also an interview with a Chinese Pro Player that keeps bashing the Standard Competition in the MTGO Daily Events.
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    The following article has be republished with permission by the author, Ted Knutson.