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  • 13,530
    Fighting to give Affinity its good name back.
  • 13,526
    A detailed look at the major decks. How much they cost. How to play them. How to beat them.
  • 13,349
    In this article, I take a look at Gruul Zoo, an aggressive Gruul deck using a number of new Gatecrash cards. With Apes, Boars and Beasts come and see how my trip to the Zoo went!
  • 13,322
    Recently there have been a lot of calls for the banning of Splinter Twin, due to winning both the Pro Tour and GP Vancouver. Should Splinter Twin be banned?
  • 13,228
    Alex was given unprecedented access to all 132 lists from the first Pauper Premier Event. He examines the highest placing decks of each archetype and gives his notes about each of them
  • 13,219
    After 50 days of a boring metagame, Extended PDC saw innovations last Wednesday, with many deck builders trying new stuff. Dark_Knight05 was the successful pilot to bring Shayden's Blightning Aggro to its first XPDC victory! Let's take a look at that intriguing design.
  • 13,158
    We are in mourning for the loss of Erik 'Hamtastic' Friborg, who passed away on Saturday.
  • 13,148
    There is no nice way of saying this, so I will give it to you straight: Sundial of the Infinite is broken! And inside I'm presenting you all the evidence I got to convince you.
  • 13,112
    Join arekdahl as he talks about a budget pauper deck that players of all experience levels can appreciate!
  • 13,101
    For Vampire Week, RexDart takes a look at one of the most popular tribes in the game, counting down the Top 10 Vampires through the years in competitive play, with historical decklists and more!
  • 12,911
    PureMTGO is pleased to bring you no less than FIVE preview cards from Modern Masters. So click already.
  • Ham on Wry IV
    Five years ago, we lost one of the pillars of the MTGO community, Erik Friborg, or Hamtastic, as he was known. But this is not the time, nor place, for eulogies. No! The days are lengthening, and life blossoms anew across all the lands. The time has come once more; another year has come and gone. It's time to pull this strange rocket out of the storage shed and take it for a ride once again.
  • 12,754
    In this article I take a look at Merfolk in Modern. Join me as I try and make my opponents sleep with the fishes!
  • 12,732
    The time to crack some Mirrodin packs is upon us! The Community Team captured the Community Cup back in early June and as a reward, anyone who posted to the Discussion threads will be rewarded with a Mirrodin Draft set with drafts running from July 26-29. Since this format is almost 7 years old, I take a look at the cards of Mirrodin Block to get better acquainted for the special draft weekend.
  • 12,709
    In the past I have had people ask me about my deckbuilding process. In this article I will show you how I create a deck, starting from scratch. You will see my step by step, not so scientific process to see just how my process works. Also, a comment about the upcoming changes to Commander, including the 2 brand new spoiled cards!
  • 12,657
    The award show you always wanted to be a part of, but were afraid to ask.
  • 12,639
    Pauper currently has access to the best mana in the history of the format. This opens up deckbuilding opportunities galore. Alex takes a look at the different considerations one must make when choosing the fuel for your common fire.
  • 12,423
    It's Friday. We have news! The MOCS crashed. MOCS suspended. Online PTQs cancelled, for this season at least. In the paper world, we had the largest constructed GP ever, by a mile, and all people are talking aobut is buttcracks photos. All this, plus Pete rants about rants.
  • 12,383
    Alex takes a look at the potential for an Exhume deck in Pauper, and also introduces the Pauper Cube.
  • 12,214
    Matt goes over how to go infinite with limited on Magic Online!
  • 12,200
    All the shiny new Theros cards have been revealed! Join me as I put on my Commander glasses and pick out the good stuffs, possible synergies on quirky cards, and which cards to avoid.
  • 12,190
    As part of Planeswalker Week, RexDart examines the competitive impact of planeswalkers. The power level of planeswalkers has evolved through the years, as has the environment around them. Whether format-defining all-star or mere role-player, see how the card type remains a fixture in competitive Magic.
  • 12,172
    Everything you always wanted to know about Liliana (but were afraid to ask).
  • 12,126
    In his last article for an extremely long time (not that the gap between this one and the one before wasn't long to begin with), Sebastian spoils a never before seen Scars of Mirrodin card that will (in his opinion) be a legitimate bomb in limited and possibly more!
  • 11,996
    Choosing which target to burn is such a bother. Wouldn't it be easier to shoot two things at once?