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  • 22,151
    A take a look at the Mono-Black Infect deck in Modern. A competitive Modern deck that you can put together for around 35 tix. Come take a look as I attempt to infect the world of Modern with my Phyrexian minions.
  • 21,959
    Everything you always wanted to know about Liliana (but were afraid to ask).
  • 21,918
    This week Alex takes a look at using the graveyard as a resource.
  • 21,712
    How to install v3. This article is pretty important considering the fact that the MTGO we have all come to know and, (awkward pause) will be going dark today!
  • 21,548
    I wanted to write about the economics of trading, but every draft of the article looked like troll bait. It simply isn't possible to write about the costs of trading without raising ethical issues. After a dozen attempts, I said "Screw it." I'm going to examine the ethics of trading, first. I'll write about the cost breakdowns next time.
  • 21,337
    In this article, gwyned examines the winning decklist from MPDC 15.03 and uses it as the starting point to examine the Hexproof mechanic in Standard Pauper and how to combat this particular strategy. Look for a quick primer on the Hexproof mechanic, an analysis of how a decklist might take full advantage of this mechanic, and some tips on how to overcome these advantages and knock Hexproof back out of the metagame.
  • 21,118
    Chris breaks down the top decks of the Pauper metagame, explains why these decks are on top and how you can break into the format with one of these lists or one of your own.
  • 21,067
    Some deck tech for my very first and most cherished commander, Zedruu.
  • 20,851
    Each month, PureMTGO users run a card design contest in this site's forums. This month's contest was to design one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse, a Planeswalker.
  • 20,506
    It's the PureMTGO preview card. It has no drawbacks. It really does attack for 7. It is indestructible. I know you are curious - so why haven't you clicked on the article already?
  • 19,739
    Sometimes our clients just decide not to launch even though they worked fine prior to a new update. Sometimes there are errors that just do not want to go away. Here are steps you follow to try to make it work again.
  • 19,696
    Pauper players rejoice! You all did such a good job on the Tempest Precon Project, that Stronghold gets a pauper theme deck all of it's own! Look inside for the rules, and the prizes as we get ready for the next Classic level set to come online!
  • 19,694
    Want to get a head start on your pre-release weekend? Shane takes a look at what you can expect from the latest set.
  • 19,124
    A guide for new and old players. With information on how to navigate and where to go to get you started with the new Client.
  • 19,044
    In this edition, I decide to look at a popular topic at the moment which is getting into Modern on a budget. I take a look at budget options in Modern and examine some potentially starting points.
  • 18,810
    In this installment, Matthew does a deep statistical analysis of Theros draft. He takes a look at the speed of the format, and digs deep into three of the best decks in the format. He also debuts a new kind of chart that helps dig deep into what makes a format tick.
  • 18,629
    An aggressive upgrade to a popular pauper deck - and a look at the major new card making burn a top choice!
  • 18,570
    Chris delves into a new spin on an old deck, featuring powerful cards and a solid gameplan perfect for your next tournament.
  • 18,465
    What's green and red and causes concessions? That's a good question, I hope you have the answer! The contest may be over, but the winners are now announced inside! Check out who won!
  • 18,364
    Griselbrand presents: 666 Ways to Sacrifice Your Creatures! (There are only 132 Demons and not all of them ask for sacrifices, but that tagline would have felt lame. Also, Demons lie.) Updated through Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.
  • 18,324
    Matthew digs into the Theros spoiler analysis. Will the format be fast or slow? How good are Bestow and Monstrous? What strategies will be early leaders in the format? How does Scry affect things? Matthew answers these questions and more.
  • 18,174
    Introducing an exhaustive series of articles investigating the card type that changed the game and impacted the secondary market like nothing else before. [Updated through Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths]
  • 18,138
    The award show you always wanted to be a part of, but were afraid to ask.
  • 18,105
    In this weeks edition of TGS, we've got a double-header! One, a daring control deck featuring the ever-squawking squadron hawk. And the other? Public enemy number one, JUND!
  • 18,045
    A beginning run through of the new client: hopefully helpful to those new to MTGO and also to people new to the beta!