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  • 13,042
    2014 could be the biggest year yet for Modern! In honor of the new year, I present to you 14 cards that could make, break or slightly alter the format over the course of 2014.
  • 13,031
    It's Heaven and Hell theme week here on PureMTGO. I've got a Commander deck for you that combines many elements of Judeo-Christian concepts of the afterlife, including the 7 deadly sins/heavenly virtues and extensively referencing Dante's Divine Comedy. Kaalia of the Vast plays the part of Virgil/Beatrice!
  • 12,920
    This week we're looking at Red Deck Wins in Modern! Can the deck do what it says on the tin? Check out my article and find out!
  • 12,912
    Looking for a cheap way to play Magic Online? Shane takes a look at "Penny Dreadful", the format where every deck costs less than a dollar!
  • 12,911
    Mirage block drafts are coming up this week. If you want a chance in the MTGO Lion's Eye Diamond lottery, but have no clue on how to draft Mirage then this is the article for you.
  • 12,857
    It has been a while since we last updated our editor, but soon we will be rolling out a couple of neat new features! Also included is updated contact information and an update to the submission guidelines!
  • 12,846
    In this installment, Matthew digs deep into Khans of Tarkir limited. He talks about the clans, and which ones performed the best. He also talks about the speed of the format, and whether or not 5 Color is the best deck.
  • 12,825
    This week I fail to answer a child's riddle and play like a moron. I do build an interesting and fun Standard deck though, which anyone not playing like a moron might have some success with...
  • 12,818
    The Monthly Standard Pauper Competitive Metagame Report. Cabel the Pauper (aka Copperfield) returns with a full report on the Standard Pauper PRE tournament scene. The format is wide open and there's never been a better time to start playing Standard Pauper! All that and more in January 2014's edition of Standard & Pauper.
  • 12,798
    Ricky delves into his most hated decktype in a sorry attempt to rid the planet of it's evil presence forever. Or at least give some reliable tips that work to players tired of running their heads into Ol' Blue.
  • 12,793
    Looking for something fun and different Commander deck? How about one that wins with stylish cards like Zombie Apocalypse? We've got that and much more. Check it out!
  • 12,782
    Bored of Pauper? Peasant too limiting? Come read about an exciting new format that is both affordable and a lot of fun to play.
  • 12,750
    I roll up my sleeves and try to break possibly one of the most powerful yet undervalued archetype in the Pauper format, Tortured Existence Control.
  • 12,729
    Brrrrr! Let's look at the top 5 of these frosty trends.
  • 12,712
    In his last article for an extremely long time (not that the gap between this one and the one before wasn't long to begin with), Sebastian spoils a never before seen Scars of Mirrodin card that will (in his opinion) be a legitimate bomb in limited and possibly more!
  • 12,684
    The Dragon's Maze spoiler is up, and the prerelease is only a few days away. Matthew dives into the data in order to give you an idea of what the format will look like, how fast it will be, what strategies will be optimal, which guilds will be the strongest, and how to make your choice for a guild for the prerelease.
  • 12,672
    Announced back in 2009, does MTG Tactics live up expectations? Find out in my review!
  • 12,626
    Pauper is going through changes again. The ban hammer went down on Dimir's hegemony. Both WAR and RNA brought some interesting stuff to the environment. Time to breed! This article highlights twenty cards to take a look at in this new world.
  • 12,589
    Ever wanted to send all your burn spells upstairs, then talk about how what you're doing is high level Magic strategy? Then have I got the Back to Basics installment for you. In this entry, we are discussing another foundational concept, The Philosophy of Fire.
  • 12,580
    Tutor up every answer you need with our toolboxy merfolk commander. All individual cards are priced under $1!
  • 12,574
    This is your weekly roundup of news, information and things you need to know - PLUS TWO M12 SPOILERS!!!
  • 12,556
    As much as MTGO is an utterly addicting hobby, its also a micro-economy. Learn how to recognize and manipulate market trends so that the market is always on your side!
  • 12,547
    Over the long run what is the better deal, sealed deck, premiere events, daily tournaments, drafts, or 2-man tournaments. I'm going to walk through the Expected Values of each tournament structure with some surprising results.
  • 12,531
    Everything you always wanted to know about Chandra (but were afraid to ask).
  • 12,494
    I look to Restore Balance to the Modern world as I take this cascading combo deck for a spin!