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    Matthew comes back to analyzing full RTR block draft. He looks at the numbers for when we put all three sets together, and then dives deep into each of the three color combinations. This analysis will give you a blueprint of what directions to explore early on in the format, and how the guilds will interact together.
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    Join us (AJ and Paul) as we guess what WOTC's up to, get out of the way of the Summer Superdrop, and discuss moral ambiguity.
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    I've been intending to give Slivers a try in Modern for some time. With the arrival of new Slivers in M15 and an exciting list from a PTQ to work with it seems like a good time to give it a go.
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    Without any official announcements a new item appeared in the shop - the new Planeswalker Deck Pack II. Because nobody knew any details, I bought one and did some research.
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    Will paying an excessive amount for Force of Will be worth it? Are there any spells in the Top Ten Legacy list that aren't blue? What does your intuition tell you? Is bringing Legacy online really worth the price of progress? Join me on the inside for a detailed look at the most played Legacy spells.
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    It's Friday! It was Announcement Day! at Wizards, so we have lots of news. We also had a twitter storm after Aaron Forsythe (legally) cast Cone of Flame in a Standard match, surprising a lot of people. Niels Noorlander won the MTGO Championship, and we are seeing even more new archetypes in Standard, Modern and even the other eternal formats. And Pete looks at options for handling bulk cards - all just a click away.
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    As MH1 flows into post-release, I think its time we revisit one of the most fun decks I've ever played. And amp up the power just a twinge.
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    The following article has be republished with permission by the author, Ted Knutson.
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    Follow me as I try to make UB Reanimator work, a deck that smashes faces with huge zombies!
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    We've come to this: the review of all the M13 new cards from a tribal point of view. Enjoy!
  • 10,471
    Due to popular demand I revisit the Legacy format in order to help prepare you for it's online appearance. This time around we take a look at some of the less popular or rogue decks in the format in an article with more decks then you can handle.
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    V3 IS GOING DARK! EVERYONE PANIC! Or not. I'll look at that news, other news, prices, decklists with Journey cards and give my thoughts and feedback on V4 after playing in a Prerelease, trading, etc. Summary: it worked. It ain't pretty, but it works.
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    You hear about it in articles and on message boards. Fearful whispers asking "What is the Time Walk deck?" By now most of you have seen it, but have you really looked at it? More importantly, have you asked yourself how you intend to beat it?
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    Have we got an offer for you! It slices, it dices, it makes Julienne fries, and it cuts the Burning Vengeance archetype to ribbons! The pain of Flashback, gone! But, if you act now, we’ll throw in destruction of another mechanic for the same low price!. Call now, operators are standing by…
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    This week's article starts out with my views on the whole 'what is casual' debate, moves onto my updated impressions of Zendikar, and then finishes off with a budget deck based around World Queller. Check it out!
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    Notice this isn't an article I would categorize as Budget Builds or Deckbox of Tricks; this is an entirely new entity. Do you love combos and/or reading my wacky articles? Do you struggle with finding starting points when deck building? Do you like lists of sheer awesome? Join me for an entirely new type of article, my first where I chronicle combos that make my inner Johnny smile! 68 Combos explored! 7 Decks inside!
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    In this edition of Deckbox of Tricks, Boosh explains and explores the concept of flickering, and introduces you to one of his alter-egos, The Flickerer! Join me inside as I breakdown six classic Flicker decks, and one Pauper-Flicker deck. What is flickering, you ask? Read this article to find out!
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    Versatile mana bases are inordinately expensive. What sort of decks do we get if we keep to basics and commons for our lands?
  • 10,353
    A week of Mercadian Masques is coming up. If you don't want to miss out on the value picks, but have no clue on how to draft MM then this is the article for you.
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    I take a look at the latest set, War of the Spark, and discuss the cards that I feel could have an impact on the Modern format. This set has an unusually large amount of things to talk about and so I've decided to make this into a two-part article. In this article, I take a look at the themes and mechanics of the set and review the mono-coloured cards.
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    Tom provides a fresh look at the pauper format with new deck variations, their matchups and their strategies. One of these rogue decks proves its might against goblins at their best, and even dukes it out in queues. As a double-whammy article, Tom also reveals a poor card choice that ended up in multiple top8 decks in a recent pauper PE. All this and more! This article is being reran with a new update by the writer.
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    Everyone knows how important a good mana base is for a Commander deck. If you don't have the mana, you can't cast the spells. But let's face it... land isn't sexy. Here are a list of budget mana fixing lands that will leave you with money left over for those powerful Commander spells.
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    In this article, gwyned details a step-by-step, comprehensive guide to Monday Pauper Deck Challenge. Check out his answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, a full explanation of the tournament rules, some tips to maximize your experience, and even some video walkthroughs of some of the more complicated steps in the process.
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    Pestilence 2BB Enchantment At end of turn, if no creatures are in play, sacrifice Pestilence. B: Pestilence deals 1 damage to each creature and each player.
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    Join me as I explore Goblins in 100 singleton. See how to play straight red goblins, blue goblins, white goblins and black goblins. How can small little annoying creatures like goblins be so powerful?