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  • 10,168
    Tired of Fumigate wrecking your best plans? Do you want to block and still have creatures after combat? Our free preview card from Wizards of the Coast will show off a new card from Core Set 2019!
  • 10,092
    With the tournament only a week away, this serves as the final article in this series covering all things MTGO Planeswalker in preparation for the July 3rd tournament. Also included is a special bonus "Building on a Budget" section at the end.
  • 10,047
    As we wait for Theros to hit online, I take a look at a Modern deck that seems to have fallen out of the spotlight. Is there still a place for Orzhov Tokens in the meta? Could a mostly forgotten Kamigawa block card give it some new oomph?
  • Modern Jund
    Can the recently unbanned Bloodbraid Elf revive an archetype that people almost forgot about? In this article, I'll introduce you to Modern Jund and I will also tell you why this is the best deck in Modern for me.
  • 10,038
    Iconic Masters kicked off the celebration for 25 years of Magic: The Gathering. But are its creatures really the most "iconic"?
  • 10,037
    Get bored of playing with the same cards? Do you need a change? How about something fresh or even better, something unseen? Yes, I said unseen. Let me show you how you can do that.
  • 10,024
    A little late for Halloween, but the zombies have come out to play! Check out this Grimgrin deck for all your undead needs!
  • 10,001
    My journey in Theros continues with two new semi-budget Izzet decks that are tapped into the Steam Augury...
  • 9,992
    Bloodbraid Elf has been unleashed! I take a look at one of the new homes for the recently unbanned card, Tribal Zoo.
  • 9,972
    Each month, PureMTGO users run a card design contest in this site's forums. This article contains the entries, along with the judges' scores and commentary, for the March 2008 contest, in which competitors were asked to design a card around a piece of artwork that they chose from a pre-determined selection.
  • 9,964
    Wizards of the Coast have been kind enough to provide us with a free preview card. Read on to see it!
  • 9,944
    Zendikar may not be online yet, but now is the time to prepare for its arrival! Join Godot for a first look at Zendikar limited, including in-depth breakdowns of allies and landfall.
  • 9,927
    Alex takes another look at White Weenie as it stands in the current Pauper metagame, and also provides a look at some of his games in the 2-Man Queues.
  • Pauper Bucks
    Come and see this long list of decklist I have for you.
  • 9,894
    In another installment of Ars Arcanum, Matthew takes a look at the Dragons of Tarkir draft format. He'll look at the speed of the format, the popularity of various archetypes, and also their win rates. He also discusses his choice for the best deck in the format.
  • 9,891
    This Giant Slayer article puts the spotlight on a Modern deck that has improved it's position in the meta with the release of Khans of Tarkir. This GW Hexproof Auras deck succeeded in a Modern Daily Event and did so with a budget build. We take an in-depth look at the deck to see how it works and performs.
  • 9,886
    It's Friday. V3 is dead, V4 is here. Is it time to sell out? (No - reasons why in the article.) We have prices, news, opinion, decklists with M15 cards and a visit from the bomb squad, all inside!
  • 9,865
    Tribal is back. And it never even left the room!
  • 9,849
    Continuing an examination of the Modern Banned List. When cards cross the line from "Awesome" to "Banned", can they ever come back? Should we want them to? Jace, Bloodbraid Elf, the Artifact Lands and more await judgement in the final half!
  • 9,843
    The Monthly Standard Pauper Competitive Metagame Report. Cabel the Pauper (aka Copperfield) is back with a full report on the Standard Pauper tournament scene with a new and improved Standard & Pauper series. Dimir is on a historic milling streak and there are enchantments everywhere! There's all that and more in December 2013's edition of Standard & Pauper.
  • 9,842
    The award show you always wanted to be a part of, but were afraid to ask.
  • 9,839
    Here is the "top ranked" Innistrad cards based on their pre-release prices, and once again, we are looking at a world dominated by U/B control, and W/U control. That is unless they just combine the two and make a U/W/B deck. Either way, my favorite color is Green, and I think it's the best color in the new Standard, but there are some really cool cards in this set. I'm excited.
  • 9,833
    You've asked for, and I am going to deliver. In this article, we will have at least one example of every deck that has top eighted while I have written the Extended Play series! For all of you who want decks, this is the one stop place for all things Extended! We will be covering Combo decks, Tron decks and others in this first installment!
  • 9,824
    I look at a fast and aggressive Red deck that looks to maximise the power of Kuldotha Rebirth!
  • 9,813
    Pete spent the weekend in Chicago, at the largest North American Grand Prix ever. PT champion Gabriel Nassif won his second major event in 2 weeks, while 1,230 players defined the format. What impact will Legacydecks have on Classic? What cards are missing online, and how relevant are they? Answers inside.