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  • 8,887
    Due to some miscommunication we're spoiling our card a bit later in the day. I think we have a good one though, so click the link to see more!
  • 8,882
    An essay-style checklist of things we should (I hope) see in the upcoming new client for MTGO
  • 8,870
    Exhume is but one of many wonderful graveyard tricks available in pauper.
  • 8,867
    TRIBAL APOCALYPSE, the only TRIBAL WARS tournament in the whole wide world. The Tribal format, the Tribal players, the Tribal decks, and everything else.
  • 8,860
    Zendikar is finally online, and apparently Godot wasn't the only one anxiously anticipating it. Walk through Godot's prerelease effort in a format that is not just for set launches anymore: Zendikar sealed is your online ticket to the Pro Tour, so pay attention!
  • 8,856
    In this article we will examine three cards in the context of classic pauper. We will evaluate them in the context of a vacuum and/or a variety of potential metagames. The three cards discussed for today are Sprout Swarm, Guardian of the Guildpact, and Train of Thought.
  • 8,850
    This week we continue our mono-colored ventures and take a look at another color on the wheel that isn't usually known for its enchantments. See what red enchantments bring to the table and which of them got a big boost with the new M10 rules.
  • 8,831
    In 50th Becoming A Modern Man article, I take a look at a sickening combo that goes on...and on...and on...and on! Hold on to your stomachs!
  • 8,823
    This week: THE GREAT EVENT MASSACRE! MOCS and PTQ crash, Kibler rants and Wizards reacts. Everyone Panic! Or not. Pete recaps the events and reminds us that we have all been here before. (Not that that makes it any better.) MASSIVE article today: 6.5k words on where we are, where we are going, and what it all means. Plus decklists and a PTQ tournament report, all inside.
  • 8,804
    Join us (AJ and Paul) as we witness Wizards cleaning up their act, Winota getting flash banned in Historic, and converse about 2021.
  • 8,801
    Sebastian takes a look at Mono Green Aggro in the new Planar Chaos Standard-Legal enviroment, and then introduces his own version of the deck called GDW: Green Deck Wins!
  • Pauper Stompy
    Come see if Evan can Stomp through Pauper.
  • 8,800
    MTGO has some issues never seen in teh paper world. Pete looks at crashes, bugs and account theft. It's not strategy - it's what you need to know before you get to strategy.
  • 8,796
    In this installment of Ars Arcanum, Matthew takes a deep dive into Return to Ravnica. He looks at nearly 600 decks and brings you the data. What is the best guild in the format? How fast are the games ending? What is the best common? Is there a viable Izzet deck? What is the deck that you should absolutely be drafting? Find out answers to all of these questions and more in this weeks' Ars Arcanum.
  • 8,789
    Check out today's article for a casual deck built around the new Alara Reborn card Mayael's Aria!
  • 8,777
    In a departure from the norm, this week gwyned examines the Standard Pauper format as a whole. In this article, I am driven by a single question: is the Standard Pauper format good? Come explore with me who benefits from this unique format, why I believe its worth greater support for Wizards of the Coast, and what you can do about it.
  • 8,754
    More Artifacts than you can shake a stick at! (And I can shake a stick a lot.) Check out this article as I take a look at the Artifact and Green cards in SOM and discuss their applications in Commander. Plus a bonus decklist at the end!
  • 8,730
    This week I analyse the UR Storm deck in Modern. I look at the cost of building it, the cards that make the deck tick, and finally bring you some commentated gameplay videos.
  • 8,728
    Modern Days continue with two Vial less Death & Taxes decks with Suppression Field as their core engine...
  • 8,718
    After running a 50 game set with Pauper Storm Combo Aaron is equipped with data and video to present his conclusions.
  • 8,717
    This is the story of a little Satyr that became a god. And the other 164 cards that witnessed the event.
  • 8,716
    Hand size matters! Maro's! Lots of draw! Sounds about right.
  • 8,714
    In this second and final part of my Rise of the Eldrazi set review, I am traveling from the murky swamps of Zendikar where the powerful Consume the Meek, to its mystic islands to See Beyond. And I end my journey on its vast plains where Deathless Angels roam the sky and Wall of Omens Oust the unworthy.
  • 8,702
    Modern is loved by many, but it is also hated by many. Why do people have so strong opinions about it? Here's my take on it.
  • 8,691
    New set, new creatures. Mostly Human (damn their stupid species!), but hey, there's Fish & Crab too, and you can do a good fritto misto with them. Let's have a look at all the creature types served by Gatecrash.