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Ren Stefanek

Who am I? I'm known as S'Tsung (or stsung) and I've always been a gamer.

I started playing Magic when the newest set was 'The Dark' Nowadays though people stare at me and try to think what could have possibly been printed in that set (some remember that Blood Moon comes from the set) and when the set came out. So I started to say 'I play for over twenty years'. Many people still think that I'm a '15 year old girl, who doesn't know Magic', when they encounter me at a tournament.

Thanks to Magic I met many awesome people, I traveled around the world, I participated in big events, had lots of fun but also experienced a lot of frustration. I had the chance to compare GPs from year 2000 with today's organized play.

Magic captivated me by its complexity. All the possibilities one has during deckbuilding is something that made me want to play the game. I used to be a very good deckbuilder and it is one of the aspects of the game that I like the most. It won't surprise you that I like to play formats in which I can play with the maximum of different cards in a deck - Singleton (Highlander), Cube or Vintage.

Even though many people consider me a competitive player, Magic is primarily fun for me and my dream was to find like-minded people and play with them. Lately I primarily play Highlander and Vintage, most of the time via Magic Online.

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