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    Pop quiz. Do you love MTGO? Are you interested in playing limited formats like draft and sealed? Are you lucky that your budget even allows for you to play MTGO? For that matter, are you lucky that your spouse or significant other even lets you spend money on MTGO? Then Limited Budget may be for you!
    The D.K.
  • 8,436
    In this edition of Deckbox of Tricks, Boosh explains and explores the concept of flickering, and introduces you to one of his alter-egos, The Flickerer! Join me inside as I breakdown six classic Flicker decks, and one Pauper-Flicker deck. What is flickering, you ask? Read this article to find out!
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    In another installment of Ars Arcanum, the MTGO numbers-based limited series, Matthew does some number crunching about the creatures in Dragons of Tarkir. He talks about how the pace of the format will be affected by those creatures, and the sorts of strategies that will likely be strong in the coming format.
  • 8,423
    I take a look at the top cards and staples for EDH and Commander, hopefully bringing you some cards that you may not have thought about as well.
  • 8,421
    In the last few weeks, I've looked at the ethics, and the basic economics, of trading. One important fact became clear - if you want to profit, you need repeat business. To get repeat business, you need to be have decent prices, be reliable, have what people need and - most of all - be available. You can't be available 24/7, but your BOT can. Let's talk BOTs.
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    The Monthly Standard Pauper Competitive Metagame Report. Cabel the Pauper (aka Copperfield) is back with a full report on the Standard Pauper tournament scene with a new and improved Standard & Pauper series. Dimir is on a historic milling streak and there are enchantments everywhere! There's all that and more in December 2013's edition of Standard & Pauper.
  • 8,412
    Sick of getting clubbed like a seal in the Urza queues? Come on in.
  • 8,406
    Alex was once again given access to all 92 lists from the recent Pauper PE. He shares them with your and provides insight into the lists and the tournament as a whole.
  • 8,404
    It's Friday. Time for news, prices, tech and more. We have a ton of news this week! Pro Tour Qualifiers and MOCS return end of the month. In the paper world, PTQs, GPs and premier play all get an overhaul. The Pro Tour starts about now, Show and Tell is next months MOCS promo and the Community Cup Team is photographed. All that, just a click away.
  • 8,393
    Come check out another new and exciting Modern deck. In this article I look at an aggressive BG Zombie deck filled with recursive threats and powerful removal.
  • 8,391
    What happens when you play the most expensive commons in Pauper? Aaron wanted to find out.
  • Modern Jund
    Can the recently unbanned Bloodbraid Elf revive an archetype that people almost forgot about? In this article, I'll introduce you to Modern Jund and I will also tell you why this is the best deck in Modern for me.
  • 8,380
    I looked at the forum post in (TERROR),worried that it would, once again (INCINERATE) my hopes. Were the rewards, once again, going to be some textless card that would simply REMOVE my SOUL? So often, the player rewards cards - and especially the FNM and judge foils - have been cards that are about to rotate out. I looked. You know, the Player Rewards program ain't all that bad.
  • 8,355
    This week Alex takes a look at Modern Masters 2015 and how it will effect the Pauper Format.
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    Battle for Zendikar is coming and Alex takes a look at the newest sets potential impact on Pauper. How do the new cards change existing decks? What new archetypes are enabled? Alex gives this thoughts within.
  • 8,343
    I needed a break from casting Yawgmoth's Will, so I started building Pauper decks! Join me as I make broken plays while slinging commons! Apparently, Affinity is awesome in any format! Stay tuned!
  • 8,337
    With the release of the new set, the Alara Block meta will change entirely. If you don't know what to play in that new environment, here's a little help for you.
  • 8,333
    In this article we will examine three cards in the context of classic pauper. We will evaluate them in the context of a vacuum and/or a variety of potential metagames. The three cards discussed for today are Sprout Swarm, Guardian of the Guildpact, and Train of Thought.
  • 8,321
    Hamtastic proposed using MTGO and computers for the World Championships. He wrote maybe 500 words on the subject. I have a 4,00 word response. Overkill? Probably, but it's still a bad idea. Now I don't hate MTGO, but - well, it's a bad idea.
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    When should you rare-draft? What draft queue should you join? How much can you expect to win? Learn some basic guidelines for all these questions, and a little probability theory into the bargain!
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    Due to some miscommunication we're spoiling our card a bit later in the day. I think we have a good one though, so click the link to see more!
  • 8,307
    A slightly eccentric version of Pauper Affinity and strategies for piloting it against the top decks.
  • 8,299
    Since the beginning of the closed beta of Arena people are afraid that Arena will take over and that it would mean the end of Magic Online. I was afraid of it too, but I'm not anymore and I'd like to comment on the matter a bit in this article.
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    In this article, gwyned breaks down Khans of Tarkir for Standard Pauper, analyzing each and every card and its potential in the new metagame. Today, in Part Three, he covers the reprints as well as the remaining Commons.
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    Pauper is a format dominated by the Eternal power of Blue. But could a surgical banning open up the diversity of the burgeoning format?