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  • 9,539
    We have good one this time!
  • 9,530
    Get bored of playing with the same cards? Do you need a change? How about something fresh or even better, something unseen? Yes, I said unseen. Let me show you how you can do that.
  • Modern Jund
    Can the recently unbanned Bloodbraid Elf revive an archetype that people almost forgot about? In this article, I'll introduce you to Modern Jund and I will also tell you why this is the best deck in Modern for me.
  • 9,498
    The Monthly Standard Pauper Competitive Metagame Report. Cabel the Pauper (aka Copperfield) is back with a full report on the Standard Pauper tournament scene with a new and improved Standard & Pauper series. Dimir is on a historic milling streak and there are enchantments everywhere! There's all that and more in December 2013's edition of Standard & Pauper.
  • 9,496
    Zendikar may not be online yet, but now is the time to prepare for its arrival! Join Godot for a first look at Zendikar limited, including in-depth breakdowns of allies and landfall.
  • 9,494
    Iconic Masters kicked off the celebration for 25 years of Magic: The Gathering. But are its creatures really the most "iconic"?
  • 9,490
    Oraymw takes a break from general strategy in order to examine the RoE limited environment, including his pick for the best archetype in the format.
  • 9,484
    This Giant Slayer article puts the spotlight on a Modern deck that has improved it's position in the meta with the release of Khans of Tarkir. This GW Hexproof Auras deck succeeded in a Modern Daily Event and did so with a budget build. We take an in-depth look at the deck to see how it works and performs.
  • 9,465
    Did you hear the news? From the Vault: Exiles was spoiled! Check out today's article for thoughts on this exciting upcoming release. I'm going to look at this from the both casual and the competitive lens, mixing thoughts about the future of MTGO with stories from the past while exploring this new set!
  • 9,436
    In this edition of Becoming A Modern Man, I take a look at the classic cascading combo, Living End.
  • 9,433
    In a new series of articles, Lee walks you through drafting the mill deck in INN/INN/INN draft!
  • 9,429
    Today I will be going over the current STD Pauper decks and analyzing their weaknesses. Plus, a new deck list to try to attack their weaknesses
  • 9,414
    This article will give you a quick primer on using the Madness mechanic in MTGO. It also gives a rundown on a UG Madness brew that seeks to take full advantage of both discard and the graveyard on its way to victory!
  • 9,399
    Pete spent the weekend in Chicago, at the largest North American Grand Prix ever. PT champion Gabriel Nassif won his second major event in 2 weeks, while 1,230 players defined the format. What impact will Legacydecks have on Classic? What cards are missing online, and how relevant are they? Answers inside.
  • 9,397
    In another installment of Ars Arcanum, the MTGO numbers-based limited series, Matthew does some number crunching about the creatures in Dragons of Tarkir. He talks about how the pace of the format will be affected by those creatures, and the sorts of strategies that will likely be strong in the coming format.
  • 9,373
    It is time. They have awakened. All is Dust on Zendikar and YOU have to make a decision. Which side will you be on? Come on in and read what I think of the new set; after all every bit of information will help when you choose your side.
  • 9,356
    I look at a fast and aggressive Red deck that looks to maximise the power of Kuldotha Rebirth!
  • 9,339
    In another installment of Ars Arcanum, Matthew takes a look at the Dragons of Tarkir draft format. He'll look at the speed of the format, the popularity of various archetypes, and also their win rates. He also discusses his choice for the best deck in the format.
  • 9,338
    You've asked for, and I am going to deliver. In this article, we will have at least one example of every deck that has top eighted while I have written the Extended Play series! For all of you who want decks, this is the one stop place for all things Extended! We will be covering Combo decks, Tron decks and others in this first installment!
  • 9,307
    Sick of getting clubbed like a seal in the Urza queues? Come on in.
  • 9,304
    It's Friday. M15 spoilers abound, but now you will have to fight Garruk to get to the visual spoiler. Wizards has announced a shutdown for the V3 client, but has promised us some free M15 prerelease events to get us back on the Wide Beta. Vintage has arrived on MTGO, and we learn that Sasquatch has hacked MTGO. Plus prices, tech and more, just a click away.
  • 9,291
    Pauper is a format dominated by the Eternal power of Blue. But could a surgical banning open up the diversity of the burgeoning format?
  • 9,283
    I needed a break from casting Yawgmoth's Will, so I started building Pauper decks! Join me as I make broken plays while slinging commons! Apparently, Affinity is awesome in any format! Stay tuned!
  • 9,273
    Join us (AJ and Paul) as we peruse Arena's State of the Program, catch up with the latest rules updates, and check in on Maro.
  • 9,270
    Battle for Zendikar is coming and Alex takes a look at the newest sets potential impact on Pauper. How do the new cards change existing decks? What new archetypes are enabled? Alex gives this thoughts within.