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  • 8,686
    I continue to spotlight Dragons of Tarkir cards for Modern, this time looking at the new Anafenza! With a Melira 2.0 can we build a Melira Pod deck without the Pod? I give it a try.
  • 8,683
    New set, new creatures. Mostly Human (damn their stupid species!), but hey, there's Fish & Crab too, and you can do a good fritto misto with them. Let's have a look at all the creature types served by Gatecrash.
  • 8,681
    Some tough admissions from a Draftaholic, but it's not all bad news! In depth looks at what sets you should be drafting, expected value, and when to take that money rare or that playable.
  • 8,676
    It's Friday. We have news, prices, deck tech and all the usual stuff. Also UW Flash. And more UW Flash. and some UW Flash. Oh, and we have UW Flash.
  • 8,667
    Join us (Paul and AJ) as we dump a lot of information from WOTC, spoil Dominaria, and save some for next week.
  • 8,653
    It's Friday. Time for news, tech, price changes and the stuff you need to know. We had Vintage and Legacy Champs, a GP and a bunch of events - lots of decklists. It's all just a click away.
  • 8,634
    Lee goes over some sweet new cards that could introduce brand new archetypes to try out in NMS drafting this weekend at the paper prerelease!
  • C’mon Man!
    Overall, Magic players are very intelligent people. However, every so often, they roll critical failures on INT rolls. This article recounts a few of those.
  • 8,602
    What price different is there between building a deck online and building one in paper? Read more to find out!
  • 8,591
    Last week I looked at the monocolor options in ZEN Block. This week I examine the multicolor decks and sum up my first impressions about the format.
  • 8,590
    Mirror mirror on the wall, which White Weenie archetype should I choose out of them all.
  • 8,588
    A new Classic event... with a special artsy twist!
  • 8,580
    In my first ever PureMTGO article, I explore one of my favorite cards from this years core set and go over a deck build, strategies and all the ups and downs in between.
  • 8,566
    Shadowmoor is coming soon. To wet your appetite, we have our own prerelease card.
  • 8,563
    It's Friday. In the paper world, players are playing major events with Magic Origins cards. We have deck tech. Also, Wizards has radically changed the way constructed prize payouts on MTGO work. We cover the changes, then crunch the numbers. It's different, and mixed.
  • 8,551
    When Born of the Gods dropped (like it's hawt) Karametra was the card I am most looked forward to! It screams build a commander deck around me! Bouncing your own creatures to cast them again, landfall, and a bevy of fun tricks make this commander deck absolutely perfect for Land Theme Week here on PureMTGO.
  • 8,549
    Worldwake is about to shake up the Zendikar Limited environment. What are the significant gains, losses, and game-changers for each color? Godot breaks it down for you.
  • 8,542
    Join us (Paul and AJ) as we reason why some lands over others, and scry the Oracle.
  • 8,520
    Join Steve today as he takes a quest through the lands of Zendikar, one in search of infinite turns! We'll start out with a basic history lesson on Time Vault and finish with a cool casual combo deck!
  • 8,520
    Joshua takes over State of the Program and has all the news, opinions, decklists and prices that you have come to know and love!
  • What the Fog?
    This is my first article on this site where I will talk a bit about myself and ultimately introduce you to my favourite Pauper deck: BantFog!
  • 8,493
    The first Pro Tour event of the year was held last weekend, and the winner was none other than Hall of Famer Jon Finkel. Come take a look at his winning strategy and see how it may apply to your own future LLM drafts.
  • 8,489
    Modern is the smallest non-rotating format. Are you big enough for it?
  • 8,457
    Each month, PureMTGO users run a card design contest in this site's forums. This article contains the entries, along with the judges' scores and commentary, for the January 2008 contest, in which competitors were asked to design a common creature with a comes-into-play ability.
  • 8,451
    TRIBAL APOCALYPSE, the only LEGACY TRIBAL WARS tournament in the whole wide world. Wanna know what the Tribal format is, who the Tribal players are, what the Tribal decks look like, and everything else? The answers are just one click away. Plus video replays, deck techs, and whatnot.