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  • 9,492
    Come check out another new and exciting Modern deck. In this article I look at an aggressive BG Zombie deck filled with recursive threats and powerful removal.
  • 9,491
    More Artifacts than you can shake a stick at! (And I can shake a stick a lot.) Check out this article as I take a look at the Artifact and Green cards in SOM and discuss their applications in Commander. Plus a bonus decklist at the end!
  • 9,461
    This week Alex takes a look at Modern Masters 2015 and how it will effect the Pauper Format.
  • 9,458
    Alex was once again given access to all 92 lists from the recent Pauper PE. He shares them with your and provides insight into the lists and the tournament as a whole.
  • 9,452
    I looked at the forum post in (TERROR),worried that it would, once again (INCINERATE) my hopes. Were the rewards, once again, going to be some textless card that would simply REMOVE my SOUL? So often, the player rewards cards - and especially the FNM and judge foils - have been cards that are about to rotate out. I looked. You know, the Player Rewards program ain't all that bad.
  • 9,444
    Join us (AJ and Paul) as we peruse Arena's State of the Program, catch up with the latest rules updates, and check in on Maro.
  • 9,438
    It's Friday! Dominaria preview season is in full force. Brawl is coming to MTGO. The Interwebs exploded over a ghosting, and everyone - including Pete - are talking about it. All that, plus deck tech, prices, news and more, all just click away.
  • 9,437
    Alex is back after a brief break to take a look at what the latest set has to offer to Pauper. Check out the article to see if he listed your favorite card.
  • 9,429
    Winding down the Time Spiral Block season, Rasparthe takes a shot at a unique under the radar deck, and goes into an indepth discussion about Lorwyn and some it's key removal spells.
  • 9,418
    It's the final SotP for the year. We cover the news - including the rumor of an alternative foil Force of Will promo card. All this plus tournament results, cutting edge tech, prices and more. We're closing out the old year with a bang.
  • 9,413
    I take a look at the top cards and staples for EDH and Commander, hopefully bringing you some cards that you may not have thought about as well.
  • 9,411
    In this article, I take a look at the latest degenerate combo deck in Modern, NeoBrand. I will be evolving Allosaurus Riders into Griselbrand and finishing people off with Lightning Storm.
  • 9,394
    Happy Halloween, everyone. Welcome to your Spooky roundup of news, prices, tech and things you need to know.
  • 9,392
    machine. Suddenly I felt the need to invent a (tribal) time
  • 9,391
    We continue the debate started in yesterday's Rogue play with the assertion that Tribal Wars should stay a purely casual format.
  • 9,388
    Since the beginning of the closed beta of Arena people are afraid that Arena will take over and that it would mean the end of Magic Online. I was afraid of it too, but I'm not anymore and I'd like to comment on the matter a bit in this article.
  • 9,375
    Over the past few months, White Weenie strategies have dominated the metagame of Standard Pauper. In this article, gwyned examines why this strategy is so powerful in the format and offers some initial tips and strategies to help you increase your odds against this powerful archetype.
  • 9,373
    It's Friday. Time for news, prices, tech and more. We have a ton of news this week! Pro Tour Qualifiers and MOCS return end of the month. In the paper world, PTQs, GPs and premier play all get an overhaul. The Pro Tour starts about now, Show and Tell is next months MOCS promo and the Community Cup Team is photographed. All that, just a click away.
  • 9,363
    A look at how Pauper's vast supply of "Enters-The-Battlefield" cards have shaped the format's history since the very beginning and how it continues to be a fundamental part of pauper today. Of course, I'll also be showcasing another deck, queue results, yadayada. Check it out!
  • 9,341
    Pop quiz. Do you love MTGO? Are you interested in playing limited formats like draft and sealed? Are you lucky that your budget even allows for you to play MTGO? For that matter, are you lucky that your spouse or significant other even lets you spend money on MTGO? Then Limited Budget may be for you!
    The D.K.
  • 9,327
    A look at some the tournament winning decks in Standard, Classic, Core Set Constructed, 100 singleton, Standard Singleton, and Pauper after Zendikar was released. This article includes price comparisons and downloadable decklists.
  • 9,299
    New set, new creatures. Mostly Human (damn their stupid species!), but hey, there's Fish & Crab too, and you can do a good fritto misto with them. Let's have a look at all the creature types served by Gatecrash.
  • 9,295
    Everything you always wanted to know about Gideon (but were afraid to ask).
  • 9,294
    Hamtastic proposed using MTGO and computers for the World Championships. He wrote maybe 500 words on the subject. I have a 4,00 word response. Overkill? Probably, but it's still a bad idea. Now I don't hate MTGO, but - well, it's a bad idea.
  • 9,291
    With Shards of Alara just released on MTGO, it's time to brainstorm some deck ideas. Today Steve talks about a few deck sketches based on new cards from the Esper and Grixis shards.