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  • 7,619
    Modern is loved by many, but it is also hated by many. Why do people have so strong opinions about it? Here's my take on it.
  • 7,601
    In my first article, I introduce my budget deck series. This week I take a look at U/W Legacy Merfolk and present Legacy options for a casual/budget player. This is for you budget players!
  • 7,594
    Happy Halloween, everyone. Welcome to your Spooky roundup of news, prices, tech and things you need to know.
  • 7,590
    It's Friday. In the paper world, players are playing major events with Magic Origins cards. We have deck tech. Also, Wizards has radically changed the way constructed prize payouts on MTGO work. We cover the changes, then crunch the numbers. It's different, and mixed.
  • 7,588
    Now that Pauper is an official format, Alex takes you on a tour of some of the great, not so great, and downright strange decks that populate the Pauper metagame. First up, MBC!
  • 7,584
    An essay-style checklist of things we should (I hope) see in the upcoming new client for MTGO
  • 7,580
    Today gwyned takes a break from analyzing the metagame of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge to take an in-depth look at one of the biggest challenges of the format: mana-fixing. After the link you'll find a list of the options at your disposal, an evaluation of their overall effectiveness, and a review of a couple decklists that highlight these options.
  • 7,571
    I continue to look at Dragons of Tarkir cards in Modern. This time I look at Avatar of the Resolute in a Mono-Green Aggro deck in Modern.
  • 7,571
    BFZ is on the way, and the PAX Eldrazi-laden deliciousness of the set is just trickling in, but use this article as a primer for how all things Landfall in EDH/Commander!
  • 7,569
    This, my last regular article for the next few months, was going to be all about G/W Hatebears. Then Wizards decided to announce some extremely bold changes to the Modern Banned List. Now the format is up in the air and the future of G/W Hatebears is no exception!
  • 7,555
    Mirror mirror on the wall, which White Weenie archetype should I choose out of them all.
  • 7,554
    Joshua takes over State of the Program and has all the news, opinions, decklists and prices that you have come to know and love!
  • 7,553
    Matthew is back with his long overdue RTR block overview. He looks at the speed of the format, as well as the strongest decks. What is the "secret" to drafting RTR block? How much better are the primordials? How high should you take the cluestones? Did Dimir continue to be any good? The answers to all these questions and more are in the article.
  • 7,550
    A comprehensive list of all the cards you could ever see yourself first picking when opening up a pack of Dark Ascension... and even a few you probably don't want to first pick, but might end up being fine!
  • 7,529
    Today we'll be going over Extended's "Best Deck," and just how you can prepare to beat it.
  • What the Fog?
    This is my first article on this site where I will talk a bit about myself and ultimately introduce you to my favourite Pauper deck: BantFog!
  • 7,515
    After winning my last draft, I was looking forward to applying the lessons learned towards another one. As always here is my thought process as we go from pack 1 to pack 45. I'll show you the final deck, and how far I have advanced towards my goal!
  • 7,515
    It's Friday! Khans prereleases are here! Plus, prices, news, and deck tech from the paper world, where they are already playing tournaments with Khans cards. So what are you waiting for?
  • C’mon Man!
    Overall, Magic players are very intelligent people. However, every so often, they roll critical failures on INT rolls. This article recounts a few of those.
  • 7,506
    The Modern Banned List ignites many different feelings in the Magic community. Love, Hate, Anger, and Bewilderment are just some of the reactions. While we all want our favorites to come off the list, do we ever stop to really think why certain cards 'should' or 'should not' be there?
  • 7,499
    It's Friday. We have Legendary news on upcoming rules changes, results from the Pro Tour, price crashes and a whole slew of videos this week.
  • 7,497
    It's Friday. In the US, we are recovering from massive overeating. In the rest of the world, life goes on. Life is pretty good in Greece, where their team won the Magic World Cup. In other news, the new style Treasure Chests are out, and seem to be worth around $4 each. We have that, plus news, decklists, prices and Pete's letter to Santa Worth, all just a click away.
  • 7,491
    When Born of the Gods dropped (like it's hawt) Karametra was the card I am most looked forward to! It screams build a commander deck around me! Bouncing your own creatures to cast them again, landfall, and a bevy of fun tricks make this commander deck absolutely perfect for Land Theme Week here on PureMTGO.
  • 7,487
    With Shards of Alara just released on MTGO, it's time to brainstorm some deck ideas. Today Steve talks about a few deck sketches based on new cards from the Esper and Grixis shards.
  • 7,480
    This article is all about my love of blue. For the second part of CtRT I evaluate a large chunk of the counters in pauper, including a new Worldwake inclusion that seems to have slipped under people's radars. To continue the blue trend I'll show another creation of mine, UWsteel. To wrap things up I briefly discuss the current metagame, update my Dead Dog list, and give the answer to the latest "You Make the Play."