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  • 8,240
    Sebastian takes a look at Mono Green Aggro in the new Planar Chaos Standard-Legal enviroment, and then introduces his own version of the deck called GDW: Green Deck Wins!
  • 8,236
    It's spoiler season. We have one. What more is there to say?
  • 8,232
    An essay-style checklist of things we should (I hope) see in the upcoming new client for MTGO
  • 8,226
    Some tough admissions from a Draftaholic, but it's not all bad news! In depth looks at what sets you should be drafting, expected value, and when to take that money rare or that playable.
  • 8,221
    A look at how Pauper's vast supply of "Enters-The-Battlefield" cards have shaped the format's history since the very beginning and how it continues to be a fundamental part of pauper today. Of course, I'll also be showcasing another deck, queue results, yadayada. Check it out!
  • 8,217
    New MTGO stuff, and the MED4 spoiler is listed as well!
  • 8,214
    In this second and final part of my Rise of the Eldrazi set review, I am traveling from the murky swamps of Zendikar where the powerful Consume the Meek, to its mystic islands to See Beyond. And I end my journey on its vast plains where Deathless Angels roam the sky and Wall of Omens Oust the unworthy.
  • 8,205
    More Artifacts than you can shake a stick at! (And I can shake a stick a lot.) Check out this article as I take a look at the Artifact and Green cards in SOM and discuss their applications in Commander. Plus a bonus decklist at the end!
  • 8,205
    Alex is back after a brief break to take a look at what the latest set has to offer to Pauper. Check out the article to see if he listed your favorite card.
  • 8,203
    This week we continue our mono-colored ventures and take a look at another color on the wheel that isn't usually known for its enchantments. See what red enchantments bring to the table and which of them got a big boost with the new M10 rules.
  • 8,191
    In this edition of Standard & Pauper, gwyned brings you one of his new favorite decklists. Despite seeing very little play this season, BG Morbid has proven to be a worthy contender, capturing the title of a recent Standard Pauper PRE. After the link you'll find the decklist, an analysis of its contents, and two matches showing off the strengths of the deck. Enjoy!
  • 8,180
    It's Friday. Time for news, tech, price changes and the stuff you need to know. We had Vintage and Legacy Champs, a GP and a bunch of events - lots of decklists. It's all just a click away.
  • 8,172
    You've asked for, and I am going to deliver. In this article, we will have at least one example of every deck that has top eighted while I have written the Extended Play series! For all of you who want decks, this is the one stop place for all things Extended! We will be covering Combo decks, Tron decks and others in this first installment!
  • 8,169
    We continue the debate started in yesterday's Rogue play with the assertion that Tribal Wars should stay a purely casual format.
  • 8,156
    In an effort to use more Blue in Modern, I strive at making a working Counterbalance deck. Can Counterbalance make it in a world without BFF Sensei's Divining Top, or is Modern too cold and lonely a place?
  • 8,150
    Theros is finally upon us. And I begin my journey in Theros with a Mono White Weenie and Fables of Boros decks...
  • 8,141
    Check out today's article for a casual deck built around the new Alara Reborn card Mayael's Aria!
  • Pauper Stompy
    Come see if Evan can Stomp through Pauper.
  • 8,103
    In this installment of Ars Arcanum, Matthew takes a deep dive into Return to Ravnica. He looks at nearly 600 decks and brings you the data. What is the best guild in the format? How fast are the games ending? What is the best common? Is there a viable Izzet deck? What is the deck that you should absolutely be drafting? Find out answers to all of these questions and more in this weeks' Ars Arcanum.
  • 8,103
    Shane tests out the new Challenger Decks to see how good they are, before offering some budget upgrade advice. This week: Vehicle Rush
  • 8,102
    It's Friday. We have news, prices, deck tech and all the usual stuff. Also UW Flash. And more UW Flash. and some UW Flash. Oh, and we have UW Flash.
  • 8,096
    Last week I looked at the monocolor options in ZEN Block. This week I examine the multicolor decks and sum up my first impressions about the format.
  • 8,091
    In this article, gwyned breaks down Khans of Tarkir for Standard Pauper, analyzing each and every card and its potential in the new metagame. Today, in Part One, he covers all of the Common cards tied to the set's mechanics.
  • 8,076
    Another free preview card from Wizards of the Coast is here. This time it is a reprint. Let's talk about it, its ability and its history, and where the card can find home.
  • 8,069
    machine. Suddenly I felt the need to invent a (tribal) time