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  • 12,923
    Alex takes a look at the potential for an Exhume deck in Pauper, and also introduces the Pauper Cube.
  • 12,905
    Matt goes over how to go infinite with limited on Magic Online!
  • 12,881
    Ready to embrace your inner Ancient Greek? Theros is, and so their creatures and tribes. Let's see how, while exploring such fascinating new types like God, Nymph and... Sable, apparently.
  • 12,831
    Over at the Classic Quarter, Dangerlinto wrote a warning about what the price of Classic rares could do to the format. Pete looks at what Wizards can do about it.
  • 12,690
    All the shiny new Theros cards have been revealed! Join me as I put on my Commander glasses and pick out the good stuffs, possible synergies on quirky cards, and which cards to avoid.
  • 12,681
    Welcome to the Complete Encyclopedia of Colossal Fatties, the list and assessment of all the ginormous, Timmy-pleasing creatures (body 16 or more) ever printed in the game. Prepare yourself to be trampled... with data! This has been updated through Journey into Nyx!
  • 12,551
    Results from the latest tribal event. And after one little incident last week we also have some opinions on the subject based on thoughts of the foremost judges of MTG.
  • 12,511
    This week I have a very special guest joining me. The talented artist Mr. Volkan Baga, whose art is widely known amongst the Magic community thanks to his awesome creations such as Elspeth, Knight-Errant and Stoic Angel, was kind enough to answer my questions. We talked about his past, his art, his future plans and of course about Magic.
  • 12,477
    Scars of Mirrodin introduced one of the meanest mechanics ever: Infect. Join PiDave in an exploration of what can be done in Pauper Standard with this killer feature.
  • 12,452
    2014 could be the biggest year yet for Modern! In honor of the new year, I present to you 14 cards that could make, break or slightly alter the format over the course of 2014.
  • 12,426
    Welcome to world of clans! In this article, dragonmage65 explains what a clan is, and how to get involved in one.
  • 12,397
    Choosing which target to burn is such a bother. Wouldn't it be easier to shoot two things at once?
  • 12,384
    In this installment, Oraymw takes an in depth look at the MTGO Cube in preparation for the Magic Player's Championship. He takes a deep look at the best archetypes and confirms some accepted truths while revealing a few surprises. Is Mono Red the best deck in the Cube? What about the Green based Ramp decks? Come find out the answers here and so much more!
  • 12,347
    In his last article for an extremely long time (not that the gap between this one and the one before wasn't long to begin with), Sebastian spoils a never before seen Scars of Mirrodin card that will (in his opinion) be a legitimate bomb in limited and possibly more!
  • 12,306
    This week we're looking at Red Deck Wins in Modern! Can the deck do what it says on the tin? Check out my article and find out!
  • 12,298
    Khans of Tarkir is bringing in a dragon sized load of new cards. None have me more excited than Jeskai Ascendancy which gives us all of the pieces needed for a new combo deck in Standard. Come inside to see how we can go to infinity and beyond!
  • 12,278
    What are Pauper & Peasant Cubes, why should I play them, and how do they generally play out? I answer these questions and more, so clicky clicky!
  • 12,222
    Green and white gremlins that interlock with each other have been tearing up Pauper recently. Take a peek at the deck's tuned machine.
  • 12,222
    This week we take a look at the last remaining color, blue, and what it brings to the Enchantment Table. Check out the decks that these enchantments inspired as we see if we can make our opponent's sing the Magic blues.
  • 12,170
    Doc shares his thoughts on which M15 are most likely to make waves in Commander. Some cards you know, some hidden gems you may have missed!
  • 12,139
    It's Heaven and Hell theme week here on PureMTGO. I've got a Commander deck for you that combines many elements of Judeo-Christian concepts of the afterlife, including the 7 deadly sins/heavenly virtues and extensively referencing Dante's Divine Comedy. Kaalia of the Vast plays the part of Virgil/Beatrice!
  • 12,135
    In the wake of MTGOtraders' recent change in card pricing leaving the price of some cards as low as a single cent, lordmalinari looks at five Standard decks that can each be built for five dollars or less!
  • 12,100
    This is your weekly roundup of news, information and things you need to know - PLUS TWO M12 SPOILERS!!!
  • 12,095
    Announced back in 2009, does MTG Tactics live up expectations? Find out in my review!
  • 12,093
    Join me on my journey playing with rogue Mono Green Stompy deck in the Modern PREs.