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    What's Timmy's favorite color? Green! What's Timmy's favorite format? Commander! What if you're also a Johnny? You review and analyze all green legendary creatures in the quest for the best green commander! You might even find stuff that Spike would play!
  • 4,290
    Timmy loves them. Johnny looks at them as the final piece of a death puzzle. And even Spike occasionally exploits them to smash his opponents. They are the COLOSSAL FATTIES, the biggest, baddest creatures in the game. Let's see how bad (or good) they are.
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    Two years later, Kumagoro is still playing Birthing Pod decks in Modern. Ask him why. He'll give one million word answer, telling you how Pod doesn't need to be a combo deck to win, and how it can give birth (pun intended) to everchanging builds and games, providing hours of fun for all the family.
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    Are you ready for another round of Kumagoro's trip around the world of Johnny/Timmy-ness, this time stopping by at SearchYourLibraryTown? Well, ready or not, you're clicking this NOW, I COMMAND you! Please. Also, free cookies inside.
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    Join Kumagoro at the begin of his deckbuilding voyage through his favorite formats. Is there still room for a Johnny/Timmy in this time and age? Let's find out about that, starting with one of the best contemporary toys: the Birthing Pod.