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  • 1,460
    After 7 rounds of swiss I made it to the top 8 draft. Lets hope this redeems me for my first article.
  • 1,913
    Jaded by sealed deck play for the moment, Four to the Facehole tries his hand at a Time Spiral draft. Click inside to see the packs, picks and play by play, than sound off and let him know what you would have done differently!
  • 1,985
    Ravnica block will go out of print in about a month. Now is the best time to pick up the Rav. block cards that will be playable in the future - prices will never be lower. Here's what's worth dumping in your shopping cart.
  • 5,166
    With Master's Editions looming I sat down with a hulking stereotype of each player archetype. The following account is the top 10 cards each of them felt were missing from Master's Edition and why.
  • 1,277
    I take on a 112 person Tenth Edition sealed tourney that is one of the OTJ Qualifiers. Do I rise up to defeat the masses or will I fail and end up wasting a night? Let's find out!
  • 2,020
    Strong creatures and good burn, the basis of any Red deck. But what exactly does it mean to be the Red Deck in PDC?
  • 3,610
    Our Brand Manager Worth Wollpert (or Optimus Worth as he's known on the MTGO Message Boards) took some time out to answer some questions on V3, Masters Edition and MTGO in general. Hear what the man in charge of MTGO has to say!
  • 1,654
    Gameben 23 takes an indepth look at over thirty Standard legal cards that are not seeing much play on MTGO. Do you agree with what he has to say, or is he way off base? Sound off in the forums!
  • 1,883
    Follow along as I build a brand new MTGO account up from scratch. Can I make a profit off of one of my first Premier Events, or would I end up crashing and burning with nothing to show but a sealed card pool?
  • 1,753
    The last draft I did was a joke. Now it was time to prove to myself that I had learned, and it was time to get up after taking a horrible fall. Could I restore the bit of pride that I lost last week or would I continue with the downward spiral?
  • 3,616
    Some rares have a bad reputation, deemed worthless before they even get a chance. My hopes are to redeem Norin the Wary and show you that he can be a spunky competitor.
  • 3,160
    Welcome back, after some delay, to the Pure MTGO Custom Card Contest! In the month of July, our intrepid amateur card designers were challenged with creating a verticle cycle. Want to see what they come up with? Just look inside...
  • 5,747
    Unless you've been hiding in a cave or playing WoW (or both!) you've probably heard about Masters Edition for MTGO. Wanna know the contents as well as a breakdown of the cards? Well what a coincidence, I have one right here!
  • 3,034
    I'm still trying to climb from 1600 to 1700 and have come very close to that mark thanks to the 4-3-2-2 queues on MTGO. I keep waiting for the wheels to come off and force me to rethink what I have learned. Have I learned any real lessons, or has the small rating bump been a figment of my imagination in regards to learning?
  • 1,802
    Taking a cue from last week, Alex shows us the next step in his SpliceRock deck.
  • 1,592
    With the new Magic Online only set (Master's Edition) coming out soon. Does this set spell impending doom for the Classic format or is it the adrenaline it needs?
  • 4,583
    Users Guide for the MTGO League Export tool. Everything you want to know about it, and more!
  • 4,153
    Wizards is letting PureMTGO preview one of the coming Masters Edition cards. This special set will be released online in September, and contains a ton of classic paper cards including... (gotta click to find out.)
  • 2,394
    After a first round exit was followed by a win, I was confident in my abilities to draft Time Spiral Block. Little changed after I lost in the finals of draft three, but when will the wheels finally fall off of this little expirement and a force me back to the drawing board? Watch me draft and see where it is going wrong!
  • 1,599
    After an extended break, Alex is back with a new deck
  • 1,679
    The Tenth Edition Release events are starting. It's time for a survival guide. Here you go.
  • 7,314
    After winning my last draft, I was looking forward to applying the lessons learned towards another one. As always here is my thought process as we go from pack 1 to pack 45. I'll show you the final deck, and how far I have advanced towards my goal!
  • 1,911
    Dragonstorm is Dead. Persecute and Phyrexian Arena are gone, and Troll Acsetic is about to smash your head with a Loxodon Warhammer. It's the new face of Standard, as revealed at US Nationals and around the world.
  • 2,617
    Or, the art of making your opponent absolutely as miserable as he could possibly be. Don't worry, no CoC violations here!
  • 2,797
    Watch me draft another Time Spiral block deck. Where did I do wrong? What cards am I valuing to high, and what cards do I need to reevaluate?