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  • 1,483
    Join us (AJ and Paul) as we doctor artificers, and get buggy about the blogs.
  • 1,582
    Join us (AJ and Paul) as we clinic Elders in Standard, pour over Standard prices and examine bugs on MTGO.
  • 4,142
    Join us (Carl and Paul) as we talk about spoilers, and reprints
  • 2,042
    Join us (Paul & Joshua) as we discuss the year in Magic 2017, the year to come 2018, and Magic MOBAs.
  • 2,254
    Join us (Paul, Carl and STsung) as we discuss broken downtimes, 25th Anniversary timeline and the Modern pro tour (PT Bilbao).
  • 1,630
    Join us (Hogan and Paul) as we delve into Ixalan and enter the Arena.
  • 1,750
    Join us (AJ and Paul) as we continue to make discoveries in Ixalan and talk about MTGO's future path.
  • 2,703
    Within news on our favorite gastropod and helping him help us celebrate his birthday...plus deck lists of course. Some might even be haunted.
  • 4,476
    Herein I let some thoughts about Wizards of the Coast settle into word form and talk about the Magic:The Gathering Community. There may also be some decks.
  • 3,523
    An analysis of things happening in Magic the gathering news these days and a summary of Decks I've been playing with plus a few opinions thrown in for good measure. You DO like opinions don't you? Read on...
  • 3,692
    Paul takes us on a winter's journey into Standard and Tribal Wars via prose and perhaps there is a discussion of other sundry subjects as well.
  • Crises Modes
    Herein I discuss what is wrong and right with the client. In addition I share my latest decks and what excites me about Khans.
  • 3,939
    Yes another cycle closes and we travel to one more plane hoping to complete the next quest with as much happiness, excitement and fun as the last. It is the end of RtR and the beginning of KtK. Raise your banners high and charge in.
  • 4,892
    Herein I talk about my decks, life, the client, riots, writing articles (and their pitfalls) and I am instituting a new monthly section where I give you a heads up on some great articles on the site.
  • 3,437
    Vintage has me by the short hairs (at the back of my neck) so I have been brewing and playing it to the exclusion of all other formats despite not having any power except Timetwister. Come find out how much fun one can have in a hot sweltering summer with casual play Vintage.
  • 3,392
    Herein I talk about changes to our game, environment (community), Vintage, and VMA and more with some occasional philosophical asides as I get wordy. There will be deck lists and maybe even a tribal wars legacy deck or two.
  • 15,052
    My perspective on the Tribal Wars debacle on the client. Which client though? In the absence of an explanation as to the removal and subsequent delay in restoring the format, I try to provide my own. Also interspersed throughout, great tribal decks through MTGO history.
  • 5,090
    Paul comes back, thaws out from his nearly year long hibernation, and waxes philosophical as is his wont. And some mad science for those who yearn for that.
  • 6,987
    Herein I discuss a plethora of decks that I have been brewing within Standard and Tribal Wars formats since the advent of Gatecrash. My first feeling about the set was "Ho hum", followed closely by "So what?". Then I acquired cards and set about finding out what an interesting set it really is. I also share some personal history, philosophy and random thoughts about the state of the game in this article.
  • 3,201
    Come read and listen to the interview I snagged with the incomparable Keya Saleh as we discuss a wide variety of subjects including sports, kids, magic, competition, cheating, and more. Yes that is right. For the first time I present you a two fold interview, partially written and partially audio.
  • 3,335
    Herein I give more personal details of the ongoing saga that is my life and also talk about mtgo and some random musings on various subjects ala Rizzo but not with his finesse or skill. Enter at your own risk!
  • 2,773
    My journey through magic lately and an account of my meager attempt to aid (and then cheer on) the community win the Erik "Hamtastic" Friborg Cup yet again. Plus decks and some country stuff.
  • 3,467
    In here I talk about new decks I've brewed in the inbetween period of cycling sets that happens in August and September. Bonus content: Decks for Tribal Wars and Modern formats, and some philosophical waxing.
  • 3,769
    Herein I summarize a variety of decks in a plethora of formats, my standings in Hamtastic's birthday celebration (Ham On Wry), talk about the upcoming CCC event nominations, the V4 Sneak Peak and other fun things. Oh yeah it's either my birthday as you are reading this or it just passed.
  • 6,132
    Herein I interview two fellows who are in my humble opinion legendary personalities on Magic Online. BlippyTheSlug, noted most recently for running the back to back marathon player run events known as Ham on Wry and Leviathan who writes amazing commander articles for this site. Come in and watch them dust up some villains, or at least handle my curve ball questions.