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  • 3,453
    Paul gives us some drafts, tribal decks, a 100cs deck, some 60s decks, and a pauper deck or two and some thoughts on the beginning of the end and ends of beginnings. All in verse. No that last part is a lie.
  • 4,135
    A small report on the Saturday TWC PRE and unexpected outcomes. Plus some more decks to mull over. (Hopefully not to 0.)
  • 3,274
    Having attended ShardFenix's Player Run Events a couple weekends in a row, Paul brings us a report, some deck lists and various comments on how much fun this format is.
  • 5,055
    An article concerning the construction of a 100 card singleton classic format deck with a potentially non casual strategy.
  • 2,464
    Follow my progress as I continue to struggle to build my collection and game winning 100 card singleton decks in an environment with many good and competitive players. Included within: a breakdown of my '5 color death' deck.
  • 4,200
    Paul takes a look at 100 card classic singleton from the point of view of a relative beginner in that format and shares with us his painful lessons. In particular results from the first wave of the singleton tourney sponsored over at mymtgo.com by Tweaker and Tarmotog and descriptions of his games therein.
  • 4,982
    Paul inspired by AJImpy's excellent article http://puremtgo.com/articles/art-tribal-wars-timmy-johnny-and-spike talks about expanding the traditional labels and what they mean, to help us get more from our games and our cards.
  • 5,253
    I talked before about the rules of engagement, now I discuss why it is that I play casual and what it means to me. If this is not your cup of tea I do include some fun casual decks that I have been playing with in extended. Just scroll down.
  • 3,103
    Did you expect me to write about Elementals? Well no surprise there! Here I explore the casual realm of Extended format using Elementals to take control of your game and maybe win a few rounds.
  • 2,927
    Extended format is a blast in casual and you never know what you may come across. I love decks that give you a fighting chance no matter what you may face. Hence this deck list I have been tuning on and off for several years.
  • 4,638
    What are the general rules of behavior a reasonable player should adhere to in MODO? Read this to find out!