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  • 4,666
    I lay out my thought process on how I create a competitive deck that can win lots of packs in the queues and PEs.
  • 6,715
    An early assessment of how ROE is impacting the Pauper format. I kick things off with two new casual deck ideas and then plunge into my new pet deck, an update on a Pauper classic that's been around since the beginning. Strategies, queue results, good stuff!
  • 6,599
    A look at how Pauper's vast supply of "Enters-The-Battlefield" cards have shaped the format's history since the very beginning and how it continues to be a fundamental part of pauper today. Of course, I'll also be showcasing another deck, queue results, yadayada. Check it out!
  • 6,261
    Time to look at the full visual spoiler for Rise of the Eldrazi commons. It seems they were saving the best for last, because this expansion is jam-packed with pauper goodness! I've scoured the pile and pulled up the ones that I feel could make it for competitive play. Check it out!
  • 5,629
    Urza's Block is making its way online, so I decided to research the block's commons to see if there's any diamonds amongst the dirt. Today I'll talk about Saga, but I included a teaser for Legacy too. Check out what I found! Also included is a new "You Make the Play" puzzle! And cake! Lots of cake!
  • 10,464
    I roll up my sleeves and try to break possibly one of the most powerful yet undervalued archetype in the Pauper format, Tortured Existence Control.
  • 6,191
    This article is all about my love of blue. For the second part of CtRT I evaluate a large chunk of the counters in pauper, including a new Worldwake inclusion that seems to have slipped under people's radars. To continue the blue trend I'll show another creation of mine, UWsteel. To wrap things up I briefly discuss the current metagame, update my Dead Dog list, and give the answer to the latest "You Make the Play."
  • 108,941
    This is the beginning of a chain of articles discussing how to properly analyze and choose the right cards to combat the current metagame, starting first with red's removal spells. This article also marks the beginning of "Deck Spotlight," and the continuation of "You Make the Play."
  • 8,298
    Tom provides a fresh look at the pauper format with new deck variations, their matchups and their strategies. One of these rogue decks proves its might against goblins at their best, and even dukes it out in queues. As a double-whammy article, Tom also reveals a poor card choice that ended up in multiple top8 decks in a recent pauper PE. All this and more! This article is being reran with a new update by the writer.
  • 4,257
    Doctor Anime explains what makes a good pauper card good!