By: hamtastic, Erik Friborg
Nov 07 2009 10:29am
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Okay, well, we won. Thanks to bubba0077 sweeping the Multiball sealed queues. What's multiball? I don't exactly know right now, except that it's perhaps the second most amusing word to yell. (The first most amusing word is of course "holla!" /tabak) The last 24 hours were an amazing whirlwind of fun, consisting of screaming, drafting, screaming, laughing, and of course, screaming. "Holla!" We played Standard first, then IPA draft... Now, I've played IPA on beta, and a couple of times to prep for this event. But nothing prepared me for playing IPA against Worth W, and 'good' IPA drafters in general. Think of a block that revolved around numerous cyles dedicated to stopping you from playing your draft deck the way you want to, and you've about got it. I think that all in all I went 7-7 throughout the events, which is a little below what I was hoping to do, but not unacceptable, considering we were playing people like Mike Turian, Aaron Forsythe, Worth Wollpert, Matt Tabak, Erik Lauer, etc, and many other pros and great player... That's not too bad, really. I have also found a new respect to pro players. Playing two straight days of Magic with something on the line is highly taxing. Both mentally and physically. I have always respected their skills, but now that respect runs even deeper than before. I will be sifting through the content I have from the weekend as well as taking a stab at explaining the meme's from the weekend. And also explain why Lee Sharpe may never trust me again. But to be fair, I 'lied' for good the community, or at least, that's what I'm telling myself... Until I update again... Thanks to the community for the support, and thanks to WotC for being gracious hosts. This was an amazing experience, and one I won't soon forget!


WTG Community Cup Team!!!! by Rerepete at Sat, 11/07/2009 - 13:55
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WTG Community Cup Team!!!!

Way to go!!! Also, WAR Alex! by White_djinn (not verified) at Tue, 11/10/2009 - 21:35
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Way to go!!!

Also, WAR Alex!