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How To Maintain Tile Saw Blade In A Simple Way

In most of the wood and tiling projects, we all need a power tool that includes an efficient and speedy saw. At the time of using a saw, a user needs to be cautious, but at the same time, it’s essential to maintain the blades of a saw. If you will not clean, or maintain the equipment often, then blades will not be able to perform accurately. Today we are discussing some of the tips about how to clean the saw blades and maintain them for perfect cutting.

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How to Maintain Saw Blades Guide 

The flow of Water

If you are using a wet saw, then it’s important to maintain the flow of water at both sides of the saw to maintain consistency in cutting and finishing. This constant cool providing agent to blades will just not prevent them from extensive heat, but from friction as well. This applies only when you are working with the wet saw. The operation will be much easier if you will adopt this rule while operating.


There are lots of cleaning solutions available in the market that can be used to clean blades and to eliminate any kind of stubborn dirt from the saw.  Soaking will enhance the efficiency of blades by removing dirt in the blades. Pour the solution in any of the trays or containers and carefully detach the blades from the saw. Soak them into the solution and then clean with a soft cloth after 10 minutes.

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Blades Sharpening

If you are a beginner and using a tile saw for the first time, then we don’t recommend you sharpen the blade as it can hurt you if you don’t know how to handle it. You can ask for the sharpening services from different companies. If you are experienced, then you can sharpen the blades at home, and you only need strips of wood, a flat-file, and a screw clamp. Keep the blade in between strips of wood in a way that teeth must be out. Now rub flat file on the teeth of saw blades in a back and forth position.

Once the teeth of the blade are shiny and you can see the edge as well, the blades are all set to use for the next project.


To maintain the shine and sharpness of the blades, it’s important to oil the blades. In some of the cases, if you are not cleaning the saw blades often or not oiling them after washing/cleaning, then rust may take its place, and blades will be dismantled.  Always use universal or camellia oil after cleaning as it will prevent rust and be suitable for your blades to shine.

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If you are already using a high-quality tile saw that has come up with exceptional blades, then it will be much easier to maintain them without much effort. It’s essential to adopt all the precautions while replacing or cleaning the blades; either they are sharp or dismantle. If you will keep them clean and maintained, equipment will last for the longest time.


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