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The Most Useful Information About Sewing Machine

As a novice managing to struggle with finding out a suitable machine in order to sew clothes easily and conveniently, you can be in trouble to catch up with a completely new aspect. But don’t worry too much, I’m here today to help you pick up a good basic sewing machine with functions to adapt these simple needs. Read our reviews to know more!

  1. Singer 3337 Simple Sew Machine

This is a prestigious brand and a pioneer specialize in designing sewing machines for people from all walks of life. Of course, we have no doubt about quality as well as the durability of the product and can put a 100% belief without hesitation. But I warn you in the first step you need to read carefully the instructions to set up everything perfectly before working with the device. I’m sure it will take a little bit of time if you are patient and follow step by step in the guideline.

An awesome feature is that it has two large buttons in the body used to adjust stitch length (from 1 to 4) and choose a huge of different stitch shapes.

One more thing, sew easy feet will help us to keep the edge of the fabric which moves in the straight line to make sure our seam will look perfect on both two sides. On the back of this machine, it has a handle which makes it extremely portable. I also recognized that there is a removable storage compartment in front of you so you can open it and inside are some additional accessories such as some needles, some extra bobbins, a spool cab and some additional accessory feet. Definitely, I’m speechless because it deserves a 5 stars review for the top rated Singer sewing machines, which were reviewed by many users. Nice shot, right?

  1. Singer Professional 5 Coverstitch Serger 14T968DC

Basically, like Single 3337 Simple New Machine, Singer professional 5 Coverstitch Serger 14T968DC derives from a manufacturer which leads to peace of mind in the using process. Attached to your stuff is the workbook which plays an important role in showing sewers how to run it properly. However, most of the people must accept that there is a complication not only in setting up 5 thread sergers (5 different colours to recognize: orange, blue, green, red and brown) but also in truly understanding what the workbook tries to tell. But it’s no big deal if you continue to learn and practice and don’t lose your patience. Besides, it belongs to professional machines and sewers can handle 3 needle cover stitches with 1300 stitches per minute (really fast). Also, Singer 3337 machines can’t be used in leather crafts or hard materials; while Singer 14T98DC can handle everything easily and the result is always satisfied by buyers. With these features above, I believe it’s not suitable for beginners who know nothing about sewing machines; but it is an essential tool to help perfectly for advanced sewers. This is the best Singer sewing machine for home use that I used to know.

What do you think? Remember that you are totally free to search for more information on our websites. Throughout 2 products we have already reviewed, we hope you’ll have the best option for yourself.


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