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Shark Apex Uplight vs. Shark vertex ultralight corded vacuums which one, or either?

Shark is one of the biggest vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world with lots of well-designed and modern models introduced to the market. They also innovate their vacuums year by year to make slimmer but still powerful machines. In this post, we will analyze two of their lightweight product series: Shark apex uplight and Shark Vertex ultralight corded vacuums.


Shark Apex upright vacuum with duoclean and Shark Vertex ultralight corded vacuums have a similar design. They are slender like a stick vacuum but have a cleaning head of an upright machine. They both come with a 30-feet power cord and a small canister mounted vertically right under the handle. They are also equipped with a swivel steering that helps users maneuver more easily.

Both vacuums are made of mostly plastic but look sturdy and consistent. Compared to each other, a Shark Vertex vacuum is a little slimmer than a Shark Apex uplight model. The former is about 1 inch less in width and depth while the latter is nearly 2lbs heavier.


Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean and Shark Vertex ultralight vacuums have some features in common.

The cleaning heads of these vacuums come with a swivel steering that makes users comfortable to operate. They both have LED headlights for illuminating dark places and notifications, and 2 brush rolls that can untangle the wrapped hair despite different technologies (Zero-M of uplight vacuums and PowerFins of Vertex models). The biggest difference of this part is the self-standing wheels, which are available in Shark Apex duoclean vacuums only.

However, their filtration systems are not the same. Shark uplight vacuums are equipped with a HEPA filter and the Anti-Allergy technology that are present in many Shark models, while Vertex devices come with foam filters.

One more difference between the two kinds is the handheld mode. The uplight vacuums allow users to detach the canister and cleaning hose to form a lift-away vacuum, while customers can detach the stick bodies of Vertex devices and connect the canister and head parts to make a handheld vacuum. The handheld weights of them are nearly equal, 4lbs and 3.5lbs, quite comfortable to carry.


Shark Apex uplight vacuums and Shark Vertex ultralight machines can produce amazing suction power with the motors of 700W and 680W, respectively. Such powerful energy allows them to perform well on various surfaces although Shark uplight vacuums are a little better at cleaning carpets. The Zero-M and PowerFins technologies are great features to deal with pet hair. If you are a pet owner, you can choose either of them. What’s more, the ability to clean furniture, stairs and cars of both kinds is highly appreciated also.


Shark apex uplight corded lift away vacuum costs more than $300 while a Vertex device is about $50 lower. These prices are reasonable for their impressive designs and outstanding qualities.


There are not many differences between these two kinds and a price deviation of $50 is not a big worry. The only consideration may be the design as both machines are amazing vacuums.


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