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  • Evolution of the City: Skyscrapers in 19th-Century Chicago

This paper discusses the development of the skyscraper (steel frame-supported structure) in Chicago, and how different architects latched onto this new idea in construction. It enumerates the "form vs. function" debate that differentiates the Chicago school from the Neo-Classical architects who designed the Art Institute and many other public buildings during the end of the 19th century. As a writer who will write an essay on this topic you must explain most of the major innovations resulting from steel-frame construction, and how they related to the function of buildings in society as well as "buildings qua buildings."

  • 'Fallingwater' as a Reflection of Frank Lloyd Wright's Overall Approach to Life.

This undergraduate paper discusses FLW's works, but primarily Fallingwater, in the context of his life. His work is symbolic and functional - river gods and fairies are not functional and not part of organic architecture; the symbolism of FW involves nature and traditional America in the old mill.  

  • Fillippo Brunelleschi: Engineer and Architect.

This paper examines the life and career of the Florentine architect and engineer Fillippo Brunelleschi. Brunelleschi is renowned for the geometric proportion and balance of his work. His most famous design The "Cupolone" or great cupola also presented complex engineering problems that Brunelleschi solved using engineering help and his own ideas. Combining sound engineering and aesthetic sense Brunelleschi epitomized the Renaissance in Florence.

  • Form and Environment in Respect to Mood: How Architecture Impacts Society.

This paper examines how architecture is inseparable from its social purpose and from its environmental setting. This concept is demonstrated through first examining the function of architecture and how the impact of a specific function directly impacts those who come in contact with a given building.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright and The Prairie School Architecture.

This is a 5-page paper that describes the architecture of Frank Wright with reference to the Prairie Houses and explains with the help of his design of Robie House.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Life And Career.

This paper presents a detailed look at the life of famed architecture guru Frank Lloyd Wright. The writer takes the reader on a tour of Wright's life as well as many of his works and outlines why he is considered one of the top architects in the world.

  • Frank Stella.

Frank Stella has completed a number of large-scale works for public spaces, confirming Stella's abiding interest in architecture. Change, profound change, has been one of the hallmarks of Stella's work. Stella then began etching and painting brightly patterned metal reliefs. Stella also names his works very carefully. Frank Stella's art is now and will always be a masterpiece.


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