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Pressure Cooker FAQs: The Honest to Goodness Truth on This Kitchen Gadget

There has not been a more fantastic time to improve your home kitchen with the best pressure cookers than the present. While this type of appliance in the past was associated with memories related to kitchen explosions (just ask some baby boomers about any post-World War II pressure cooking devices that they might have used in the area where food is prepared and cooked). The generation of pressure cookers nowadays has been upgraded enough to guarantee safe use and more cutting-edge choices for your convenience. That is why there is not any serious reason that you should be reluctant to bring home one of them. Yet, before you do so, consider some essential things. Below we have been more specific about some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to pressure cookers, so that you can make a wiser choice.

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1. What food can I make in this device?

One of the fantastic things about the machine using the pressure cook technique is that you can prepare various stuff in it! Just do not forget to follow the measurements that recipes indicate.

Curries and stews are among the most favorite pressure-cooking recipes since the ingredients are quite easily available. That’s not all – tough cuts of meat get truly tender when cooked in stews or braised in the best pressure cooker to buy.

Also, you can soften legumes and vegetables, which tend to take longer to cook, such as potatoes, carrots, and dry beans with ease in this device. And it is possible to use the cooker uncovered, to brown vegetables and meat for extra flavor before you add liquid.

What is more? Risottos and rice can cook perfectly whenever you want. Poached or steamed fruit makes great baby food. It makes healthy and yummy desserts as well. Plus, you can even cook cheesecake and steamed puddings with seasonal fruit that will make your day.

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2. Stovetop vs. electric pressure cookers: How do I select between them?

Your selection has to do with your demands. Using an electric model is undoubtedly more convenient as all you have to do is press some buttons before walking away. The machine will automatically turn off and keep your food warm until it is ready to serve. This “set-and-forget” setup makes these units most attractive.

Meanwhile, stovetop models enable you to regulate heat manually for the most satisfactory ultimate results. Furthermore, they provide a wide range of sizes to fit your family size (from four to 22-liter units) as well as types of cooking.

Although you can go wrong with these two options, in the end, it all depends on what you consider to be more significant to you.

3. What size should I purchase?

According to reviews of top pressure cookers , the size of the model you will need boils down to who you plan on cooking for as well as the frequency. Even the biggest cooker can cook the smallest quantities of your dishes, but you cannot cook large amounts in a small one. The various sizes of pressure-cooking machines indicate their maximum liquid capacity, yet indeed, you can only fill them half to two-thirds to cook your food properly. Take care not fill the pot over two-thirds of its capacity since it may result in bubbling and frothing, which can block the device’s steam valves if the pot is overly full.

The bottom line

This era is witnessing an excellent comeback of pressure-cooking devices. They not only let you cook faster and more delicious dinners in mere minutes but are the perfect present cooking solution for every occasion. Before you look in the market for a suitable model, remember to check out the FAQs mentioned above to have a better idea of what to choose.


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