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  • 1,442
    Last week saw a huge amount of Chase Rare Control and Zoo in the top eight. Will it be more of the same or will another deck dredge up some results?
  • 1,443
    Happy Holidays, and see you on the flipside, when we'll return to our regularly scheduled league musings...
  • 2,519
    Rob takes a look at a Singleton deck that takes advantage of the format itself for its win condition.
  • 1,959
    Necropotent tries his hand at building a cheap, competitive Standard deck. When in doubt Mono Green Aggro is a tried and true strategy, but can it hold it's own against the heavy hitters of Standard?
  • 2,028
    The Weatherlight release events are ongoing. They arrived suddenly, at least from my perspective. In the past, I was able to play in the betas, and had time to write a survival guide. This year I spent that time at the Magic World Championships, hanging out in New York. So I will be going into the release events cold. Wish me luck.
  • 4,498
    An interview with Worth Wollpert, what more do you need?!? Fine. How about some musings on the Prismatic philosophies, as well as the server stability and what Standard cards have been blowing the curve?
  • 5,197
    Basic Land provides a couple of decks to get you started in this casual multiplayer phenomenon that is sweeping through the MTGO community. If you like Highlander formats, than you may want to try the newest variant that is making rounds on MTGO now!
  • 4,283
    In this article, I take a look at a deck that took me to a rare win in a recent Premier Event. Extended is starting to gather steam as it becomes the the PTQ format next month, be ready for this deck!
  • 1,707
    Another week of Premier Events went by and you didn't even notice! Stats, decks, and analysis of this week's Standard trends.
  • 2,568
    Gumby gives us an up to date listing of tribes and information regarding their legality in the Tribal Wars (Classic) format with some side commentary.
  • 2,117
    A look at an interesting Sealed pool that is deceptively hard to build. What is the best build? Can it post a winning record?
  • 1,817
    Psychatrog explores why the Scorpions are so... I mean, um, why Doran Rock is so awesome. This deck did take Uri Peleg to the World Championship crown, so maybe it's good after all right?
  • 3,648
    I was able to draft Boggart Mob, Fodder Launch, and Tar Pitcher. Yes I won the draft. I had the nuts deck. What's the catch? I was playing GB elves.
  • 1,946
    Walkerdog takes a detailed look at a Green White strategy to use in the Classic format. You'll get a decklist, and one of Walker's trademark walkthroughs, this time featuring his newest deck against Stifle Nought. Check in will you?
  • 2,142
    What cards increased over one thousand percent from last week? Has server stability improved lately? Also a fond good luck to one of my favorite writers. But wait, there's more!
  • 1,848
    PDC stalwart Alex is adventuring into the world of other formats. Join him on the ride.
  • 1,476
    Join your host Joshua Claytor as he takes you down the wild road that is Extended magic! We have five top eights to go over this week, this is a must read for anyone gearing up for the PEs or upcoming PTQS!
  • 2,769
    iceage4life is back with another installment of the Oddball Roundup. Want to find out more about the top decks in each of these unique formats? Read on to get all the up to date information about them!
  • 1,698
    Worlds made a big impact with the return of Dragonstorm to standard. Will it survive now that it's revealed? More coverage the top 8 placings in Standard PEs.
  • 1,981
    Wherein we clean out old deck files, fiddle with the week one pool, and add a booster...c'mon Mirror Entity!
  • 2,954
    An far-seeing look at the cards you should be getting, should be selling and should be looking harder at if you plan on playing MTGO's eternal format: Classic!
  • 2,629
    This is my first draft walkthrough on PureMTGO. I hope you get some useful ideas on drafting. Currently my MTGO limited rating is 1853.
  • 2,245
    HydraLord talks about his new favorite format.
  • 4,539
    Basic Land takes you through a Lorwyn draft, pick by pick, complete with thoughts, commentary, and final decklist. How would your picks stack up?
  • 3,526
    Rob takes a deck built around Homarid Spawning Bed for a spin. It won't be winning any tournaments (and neither will Rob), but it's fun to play and definitely easy to build on a budget.