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  • Black Eyes
    Pete describes the process of building a Time Spiral Block Constructed deck, including budgeting for cards, tuning it to handle the current metagame and concludes with some matchup information.
  • 2,005
    Here to talk about originality, and the fun formats! Canceling Competition is about showcasing new/rogue decks, concepts, and formats as they appear!
  • 3,558
    Javasci builds a deck around Moonlace, and shares his process.
  • 3,121
    Welcome to my first draft in well over a year! In this article I will show you my draft and point out some of the errors I made. Even though I'm not the best drafter, everyone can learn something from this!
  • 2,708
    Jinx is back with yet another black casual deck, this time for standard. This one features Roiling Horror, one of the new suspend creatures from Planar Chaos...
  • 2,675
    In this article, we will be dealing with lands. We will first destroy them all and then watch them flourish.
  • 2,116
    Why do some decks win tournaments while others, despite far more powerful components, can't manage a winning record even in the casual room? I'll tell you.
  • 1,842
    Green cannot fly, Lords need followers and you need at least 4 cards that share a creature type to build a tribe. This week, none of these are true...
  • 1,908
    dragonmage65 presents his thoughts on the latest batch of new cards, and he tosses out some more interesting decklists for your viewing pleasure.
  • 2,279
    Alex is back with deck lists, some rants, and reports.
  • 4,306
    Greetings from the Middle East! MTGO is the best way for me to stay in touch with the Magic world while I'm away from home and I've been testing some versions of a new deck based around the new Planar Chaos land, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth...
  • 3,524
    What is a Rogue Deck? How does one build a Rogue deck? How to play with a Rogue Deck? In this article we answer these questions.
  • 2,273
    PureMTGO has come a ways in development, and we're moving into Beta 1, so everyone can help me hunt for bugs ;). In here is the list of things we must do in order to move to Beta 1.
  • 2,433
    The inaugural edition of Standard Fair! We start off our series with Searing Meditation - a card that raised few eyebrows when it was released with Ravinca.
  • 8,073
    Sebastian takes a look at Mono Green Aggro in the new Planar Chaos Standard-Legal enviroment, and then introduces his own version of the deck called GDW: Green Deck Wins!
  • 2,597
    With Ravnica's dual-lands still around and so many multicolour deck options available, it doesn't make sense to play mono-black at all. Or does it? Let's take a look at the "current state" of mono black in various formats and see whether mono black is playable or not.
  • 1,885
    testing is so fun
  • 3,017
    A quick look at the format and a brand new deck which seeks glory among the "big boys".
  • 3,002
    Alex is back with decklists and strategic analysis.
  • 8,123
    MTGO has some issues never seen in teh paper world. Pete looks at crashes, bugs and account theft. It's not strategy - it's what you need to know before you get to strategy.
  • 4,251
    Welcome to the wonderful world of the Player Run Event. And now that you know they're here, we hope you'll stay.
  • 3,971
    For once don't blame it on the shuffler because in this format there is a different demon afoot. I am here to give you an in depth look at Momir Magic, Momir Basic and the effect that the release of Planar Chaos has had on the format.
  • 2,869
    dragonmage65 presents the winner of his budget deckbuilding contest...and he grants him a combo around their choice of card.
  • 2,842
    As a typical Johnny, when I first saw the new Planar Chaos card Braids, Conjurer Adept, I stared at it for a (very) long time and said "well, here lies something precious, let's start diggin' it". Well, the diggin' process for the card still continues but let me tell you that the avatar of this lady is pure gold.
  • 6,192
    Sebastian comes to you with an in-depth guide to the "Time-shifted" cards of Planar Chaos!