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  • 1,827
    The fastest tutorial to date from Pauper grinder deluxeicoff - who takes you through one of the most powerful decks in pauper: Hexproof. Loaded with stats, colorful commentary and interesting insights...
  • 2,067
    Another MASSIVE tutorial on one of the most flexible and powerful decks in all of pauper: "ELVES!" With in-depth insights on how to build a sideboard from scratch as well as descriptive reasoning on various card choices...this tutorial will leave all the others in the dust!
  • 2,013
    In the last of a 3 part series, MTGO pauper grinder 'deluxeicoff' takes you inside the most consistent deck in pauper. Full of in depth, round-by-round strategy - this tutorial is not to be missed!
  • 2,419
    An in-depth account of a Five-Round Pauper event. MTGO Pauper 'deluxeicoff' - takes you through the in's and out's of his competitive and newly-rebuilt pauper brew - "INFECT", with 'never-before-seen' insights & innovations...
  • 2,954
    An in-depth account of a Five-Round Pauper event. MTGO Pauper 'deluxeicoff' - takes you through the in's and out's of his competitive and original pauper brew - "TOKENS", with 'never-before-seen' insights & innovations...
  • 34,721
    An all-encompassing look at one of the best pauper decks: Stompy. Complete with tournament coverage, videos, card by card in-depth analysis and strategy.
  • 11,958
    A look back at the tier one decks of 2010...
  • Playwright
    Links and tips for writing at PUREMTGO.
  • 4,106
    Don't read this. Actually do read this.
  • 18,025
    An aggressive upgrade to a popular pauper deck - and a look at the major new card making burn a top choice!
  • 3,807
    A breakdown of two unlikely decks within the Pauper Format. If you like control and irritating your opponents, or making people quit and call you names then these decks may be for you! Introducing "Infuriating Blue," and "Bastard Black."
  • 28,923
    A historic look at the dreaded "WHITE WEENIE" within the pauper format. Including many versions of the decks incarnations over the years and a card by card breakdown with funny pictures to boot!
  • 4,075
    A round by round Zendikar/Worldwake Sealed Deck Tournament with colorful commentary. Your IQ will rise after reading this...I promise!
  • 10,598
    A humorous listing of some unusual errors YOU may be conditioned to making.
  • 3,767
    Extended 2010 deck list for a blue/white control deck that wins by milling...and milling FAST. Complete with screen-grabs of tournament play coverage.
  • 6,339
    A real time Pauper tournament rundown with colorful commentary. Piloting a white weenie deck to an impressive (....) finish...read and see!