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  • 1,745
    After a week of cleaning up from two EF-2 tornados near my inlaws house, we get back to normal with another Community Profile. doorey loo is our guest today, and he brings an exciting version of Red Deck Wins with him!
  • 2,660
    In this article, New Wave band Walkerdog releases their newest Classic smash-hit, covering ways to fight off 3 Classic decks, an interview with the US National Champ, and more!
  • 2,413
    In this article, new writer nickxramsey takes a look at a popular deck in the Extended format. Zoo is one of the better aggro decks in the field and is one of the decks you should be ready for while we wait for Morningtide to make it's impact on MTGO!
  • 2,444
    hipuncle gives us a guide to building sealed decks with Morningtide. This article could help you when the newest set comes to MTGO!
  • 4,691
    In this series, eotinb will put together some janky combo decks and take them for a spin in the Casual room. In the first week, the plan is to bore his opponents to death with Null Profusion.
  • 5,654
    How to modify the V3 UI, BaCooN week three, charts, discussion and more!
  • 8,618
    Each month, PureMTGO users run a card design contest in this site's forums. This article contains the entries, along with the judges' scores and commentary, for the January 2008 contest, in which competitors were asked to design a common creature with a comes-into-play ability.
  • 4,771
    This will hopefully be the first in a weekly series of Budget Decks built by a JOHNNY/Timmy/spike. This time we sneak into the fray with a Sleeper Agent
  • 2,010
    Each month, PureMTGO runs a custom card contest. December's challenge was to provide an alternative way to cast a card. Here are the results, as well as commentary from two of the judges.
  • 2,925
    Keeping up with the tournament reports today we have a result from a recent Lorwyn Block Constructed that Salgy played in. Tired of seeing the same old Blue Black control and Fae dominating the scene? Salgy presents a decklist that may be tuned to have a good matchup against those decks!
  • 2,642
    This week I pontificate on the current price of some of the top standard decks. As always, the metagame statistics and two fresh decklists as well.
  • 3,052
    Tarmotog shares information about the Pauper Prismatic Singleton format. You can read through and pick up the fun format immediately.
  • 2,916
    This issue sees the last results from the month of January and a recap from all of the results for the month. Plus there are some interesting decklists that some of you may not have seen yet!
  • 2,646
    Ride along as Peter takes on LBC cold, from first impression to deck design. If you want advice on deck design deck and testing for a new format, click here.
  • 2,377
    Walker takes a look at several builds of the viable Threshold decks. Everyone knows that Blue Green splashing for Red are the popular versions of the deck, but could White replace the red?
  • 5,987
    I've been writing about Magic: the Gathering since the Dojo was still up and running and accepted submissions. In my years of expirence, I have seen very few articles that have the same amount of creativity as this one does. It may very well be a little dated, but this is a fun read that I am sure you are not going to be disappointed with!
  • 2,739
    Umii takes another solid look at the Vanguard format, and includes a lot of decklists as well! He is also kind enough to supply us with a fantastic tournament report from the most recent Tribal Standard event, in which he made the top eight. If you're looking tor a neat combo deck to play, you should check this out!
  • 3,559
    Iceage4life takes a look at all the oddball formats that see tournament play on MTGO. He brings us some deck lists for several formats, but somehow managed to drop the ball on the Singleton deck he had. Regardless, we have some format shaping results as we head into the final countdown to v3.
  • 3,096
    I'll be taking a look at a Singleton deck that uses the Dragon or Draco Explosion combo to consistently pull off wins on turns 3-5.
  • 2,909
    We continue our regularly scheduled Community Profile this week with a chat with FFfreakslittlebrother. With a name like that the account has to be a gimmick right? Turns out I could be further from the truth!
  • 3,078
    Hamtastic takes us on the wonderful journey that was the week in MTGO! We have all the stats that you have come to love and a further look at his new BaCooN project. Can he keep building his collection for less than 15 dollars a week? If you are interested you should check out how his precious is doing!
  • 2,409
    Classic Mage walkerdog takes you on a walkthrough of a recent Lorwyn draft that he played in. Do you see something way off base with his picks? Anything wrong with his plays? Sound off!
  • 1,877
    HydraLord takes a look at the state of Lorwyn Block Constructed. Included in this article is a break down of some of the most popular cards that are springing up in the online metagame!
  • 3,701
    This week we ask the question why Combo isn't strong in the current standard and as always, statistics and decks as well.
  • 1,835
    Culex will take the wizard tribe and try to pilot it to a decent record in the casual room.