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  • 2,164
    A new Block will soon be upon us. The spoiler has officially been released and the speculation and deckbuilding has already begun. Plus a small look at a 2x Block Constructed Event.
  • 2,185
    In this series of columns, I'll be taking a look at the Top 8s of MTGO premiere events. We'll examine the matches, and keep a running tally to see what decks have the best results once in elimination rounds.
  • 3,198
    This is the time to buy those Ravnica cards - prices will never be lower. However, you only want to buy those that will be useful in the future. This series of articles identifies those cards. This time out: blue and white.
  • 5,123
    Rob Rogers takes a unique look at a deck featuring a powerful but underused card from Future Sight. Can he make a great deck involving Nacatl War Pride, or will he fall on his face trying? Click the link to find out!
  • 2,134
    In Lorwyn, all things are possible. Well, not really, but new things are. What, in particular, is possible? Red-black Goblin aggro.
  • 2,801
    The world of Tribal Wars has experienced the biggest shake-up since the formation of Tribal Standard, as every single creature ever printed has its oracle text updated. What can we do with them now?
  • 3,303
    A weekly run down of discussion, statistics, announcements and more! Highlights this week: Top 8 Draft discussion and Lorwyn Beta Sign-ups.
  • 3,198
    So, you want to write for PureMTGO and get paid to play on the program we all love? Here are some must read suggestions before you sit down and type up that next killer article!
  • 2,711
    Gameben23 is back again, and this time he goes over some of the most basic fundamentals of drafting! If you are unfamiliar with this popular format, you must learn about these important basics!
  • 3,030
    Last month’s Custom Card Contest (CCC), the August CCC, showcased some interesting possible card ideas from the community. For those of you who don’t know, PureMTGO hosts a CCC every month. This time around, entrants were tasked to make three auras. One will target you or something you own, like Holy Strength. Another will target your opponent or something he or she owns, like Pacifism. The last is ideal regardless of the target, like Followed Footsteps. Want to see how the contest went? Good. Then read ahead…
  • 3,463
    When we left we had finished looking at the White, Blue and Black cards that should impact Classic Pauper Constructed. Join me as I take a look at the Red, Green and Artifact cards that could have an impact on the commons only format!
  • 2,227
    I'm going to examine the standard format as it exists on MTGO over the course of my next few articles. We're going to start with the most fun; the rogue decks.
  • 5,816
    With all the hubbub about Classic lately, I figured it was time to have an introduction to the format of the hour... Classic.
  • 5,159
    We are in the last two months of Ravnica block. Already, people are looking towards Standard with Lorwyn. Prices on Ravnica cards will drop, then rise once the set goes out of print online. Now is the time to buy - and I’ll tell you what to buy.
  • 4,022
    The all commons format was shaken up a bit this week when Master's Edition was released. Take a look inside and see what cards I feel are going to make an impact on this very fun format!
  • 2,218
    Hipuncle continues his guide to league play by introducing his second deck and outlining the first week of games in two different leagues.
  • 4,031
    An article about a fun casual format, combining Singleton, Pauper and Prismatic into one format. Cheap and fun, it is sure to be a great way to waste some extra time on MTGO!
  • 2,302
    Alex loses his mind once again for your benefit as he tries to understand how you can play an active defense.
  • 2,200
    I was sure I would not be playing in any release events for this set. However, a league that contained several friends made me open my wallet. How did I do as I took a walk down memory lane and battled with cards that had no seen print since the early 90's?
  • Gate Hound X
    Come in, and see my play a variant of one of my petdecks. Also I have a little surprise. Oh, and don't worry, I survived playing in casual.
  • 2,298
    Master’s Edition is out. The release events begin Friday. Here’s what you need to watch for, and watch out for.
  • 1,749
    Can anyone mess up a Sealed Pool with Loxodon Warhammer, Sengir Vampire, and Hurricane? Tune in and find out!
  • 3,013
    This article has been edited as of 4:43 pm. This reflects the updated decklist of Alex's when he originally presented it in Innovating in PDC Standard. Click the link, read the article, and than sound off with your thoughts on Alex's mind opening views of PDC!
  • 2,175
    Well, I'm not done drafting yet, but I wanted to take a break from the drafting grind. Watch me build a sealed deck for a recent OTJ qualifier, and follow me as I go through the event and play some late night Magic!
  • 1,799
    Alex moves into the realm of Standard PDC, trying to crack a format dominated by fungi.