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  • 1,818
    Join your host Joshua Claytor as he takes you down the wild road that is Extended magic! We have five top eights to go over this week, this is a must read for anyone gearing up for the PEs or upcoming PTQS!
  • 3,092
    iceage4life is back with another installment of the Oddball Roundup. Want to find out more about the top decks in each of these unique formats? Read on to get all the up to date information about them!
  • 1,960
    Worlds made a big impact with the return of Dragonstorm to standard. Will it survive now that it's revealed? More coverage the top 8 placings in Standard PEs.
  • 2,349
    Wherein we clean out old deck files, fiddle with the week one pool, and add a booster...c'mon Mirror Entity!
  • 3,217
    An far-seeing look at the cards you should be getting, should be selling and should be looking harder at if you plan on playing MTGO's eternal format: Classic!
  • 3,063
    This is my first draft walkthrough on PureMTGO. I hope you get some useful ideas on drafting. Currently my MTGO limited rating is 1853.
  • 2,603
    HydraLord talks about his new favorite format.
  • 5,006
    Basic Land takes you through a Lorwyn draft, pick by pick, complete with thoughts, commentary, and final decklist. How would your picks stack up?
  • 4,203
    Rob takes a deck built around Homarid Spawning Bed for a spin. It won't be winning any tournaments (and neither will Rob), but it's fun to play and definitely easy to build on a budget.
  • 3,218
    The best way to win is to know what you're up against. Here we present the stats for the Premier Events on MTGO for the last week.
  • 2,350
    Another week of MTGO news distilled and presented to you all. aka: Beeber's Digest. Features this week include The rise and fall of ticket prices, month to month server comparisons and more!
  • 2,183
    A weekly look at the Vanguard, Singleton, Tribal, and Classic metagames.
  • 1,934
    Regular 4-week Lorwyn leagues have started up on MTGO, so it seems a good time to chat about sealed deck in this very exciting new set.
  • 3,638
    This time Ben reviews a draft of his own. This time the original picks are way off, Jump in to find out why.
  • 2,821
    For those tired of the same ol' netdecks Rogue Nation searches for the new, the different, the...'how can you play that?'
  • 4,796
    MUC is a powerful force in PDC, but far too many players throw up their hands in submission when playing against the Blue Menace. Alex provides tips and lists to take down Goliath.
  • 2,725
    The third look at the weekly Vanguard, Singleton, Tribal, and Classic metagame. Decklists are all over the place in this article, so if you are interested in these formats, take a look here!
  • 3,017
    Vanguard expert Umii checks back in with the results of the most recent Vanguard event. If you want deck lists check this article out as Umii delivers three lists and breaks down the top eight of the event!
  • 1,875
    Urzishra14 is back with three decks. Two geared toward multiplayer games on the cheap. The other is pretty insane. Click the link to read more of these multiplayer musings!
  • 5,118
    Server statistics, client speed modifications, and the topics that make MTGO tick! Updated with breaking news in regards to the bannings of several cards in Prismatic and Singleton formats!
  • 2,733
    Join Necropotent as he explores various builds of decks based around Doran, the Siege Tower.
  • 2,569
    Looking at the weekend's Singleton, Classic, Tribal, and Vanguard tournaments. Metagame analysis, decklists, and more!
  • 2,805
    Jumping on a trend, Alex provides a walk though of a game of Classic PDC.
  • 2,828
    Masters Edition One is rotating out, but Wizards has promised an MED II. Weatherlight is coming, and we get Duel Decks - Elves vs. Goblins next week. Are these sets worth buying? Let's do the numbers.
  • 2,661
    Sonic Boom, Cheon Blue White and Makeshift Command are making names for themselves as the top tier of current standard decks. I'll take a look at a deck that could potentially be a metagame buster in Green Red control!