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  • 2,207
    Masters Edition One is rotating out, but Wizards has promised an MED II. Weatherlight is coming, and we get Duel Decks - Elves vs. Goblins next week. Are these sets worth buying? Let's do the numbers.
  • 1,994
    Sonic Boom, Cheon Blue White and Makeshift Command are making names for themselves as the top tier of current standard decks. I'll take a look at a deck that could potentially be a metagame buster in Green Red control!
  • 1,666
    Shivan Bird takes a look at an underused and under the radar card in the Extended format. Can Sway of the Stars be a potentially format defining card, or will it be sent packing back to the bench with the rest of the pretenders? Click to find out!
  • 2,697
    Musings, Server Stats, Price data, and hot topics galore!
  • 2,156
    Rob takes a stab at building a deck around Desolation Giant. Can you help him again to make a mediocre deck better?
  • 1,707
    Part one in the Lorwyn Limited Series finds us in a League. Let's take a look at possible decks out of the given 105 card pool.
  • 2,991
    Umii takes a look at possible ramifications of Lorwyn in the Vanguard format. Included for your reading pleasure are two suggested decks for use in the newest version of Vanguard. Who knows, maybe one of the proposed decks will be good enough to take you to a top eight on Saturday!
  • 1,906
    An in-depth look at one of the newest decks to make its presence felt in the murky Standard format.
  • 2,436
    A summary of Mono-Black in Classic, a detailed walkthrough of games against Flash and Affinity, and some Classic Meta-gaming.
  • 1,230
    A very short look at Lorwyn. Plus two extended deck ideas that will make those casual kids go crazy!
  • 2,550
    More users to hide, Weatherlight card reviews, server stats and more!
  • 1,868
    A classic player's response to the recent articles about aggro decks in classic.
  • 1,920
    Follow along as Ben does his best to explain a tenth edition draft. He follows a fellow drafter via DraftCap and offers up his own views on what he would have drafted? It might be after the fact and in hindsight, are two heads really better than one?
  • 1,509
    Alex examines the different paths Boros decks can take in PDC Classic. Also, he bemoans his latest attempt to win a PDC Worlds.
  • 1,398
    In this article, HydraLord looks at one of the hottest decks to come out of States.
  • 1,384
    Join me as I take apart a Lorwyn sealed pool in this article. The last tribal themed set featured all stars like Sparksmith, Exalted Angel and Gravel Slinger, what do we have to look forward in this brand new limited format?
  • 1,499
    In this followup to his article about Classic aggression, Walkerdog displays the power of Goblins, RDW again, and gives us some multi-colored love! In addition to all of this he shows us some walk throughs and takes a deep look at the Classic format!
  • 2,687
    Rob takes a look some existing cards that will have some interesting interactions with the Lorwyn block.
  • 1,739
    Necropotent continues his in-depth analysis of Mirrodin's Leveler and possible ways to break it wide open.
  • 2,501
    Hammy gets serious about false advertising bots, compares Lorwyn prices from last week to this week, and more!
  • 1,515
    Umii is back with more coverage of the popular Standard with Vanguard format! What avatars reigned supreme this weekend, and what decks should you look to face before the upcoming rotation of Ravnica? Be sure you check in as there are some explosive looking decks featured here!
  • 3,073
    The first of a weekly series of articles looking at the results of the weekend's Singleton, Standard Tribal Wars, and Classic Premier Events.
  • 3,061
    Getting ready for PTQ Kuala Lumpur involves analyzing the metagame. Let's take a closer look at Lorwyn Block Constructed. Please keep all hands and feet in the ride at all times....
  • 1,878
    The Brand Manager of MTGO, Worth Wollpert tells us what has been going on with all the lag and crashes during the events.
  • 2,061
    Lorwyn is here. You can draft the set or play sealed – both if you play in a 4X and make top eight! Here’s what to watch for, and watch out for.