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  • 6,111
    I take a tour of PoxNora, a 1v1 collectible strategy game produced by Octopi. What you may want to know about before you play the game!
  • 2,236
    In his first article for PureMTGO, GloinOin explores the history of one of the defining PDC decks
  • 2,408
    Join MysticLancer for his last 999 draft, at least for now. He will go through a draft with original and revised picks discussing them pick by pick. He will also discuss his original and revised deck, review his match(es) and discuss an important tip for drafting.
  • 2,901
    Alex starts his PDC lab, where he takes community ideas and attempts to turn them into competitive decks.
  • 2,170
    LeagueGeek takes a look at the value of linear design in PDC and then turns to breaking linearity in PDC Standard.
  • 3,594
    In the paper world, Grand Prix Columbus is fast approaching. The format is Legacy - comparable to Online Classic - and the deck everyone is talking about is Hulk Flash. It may rock Classic as well - depending on whether Wizards fixes the card.
  • PDC Hash
    An interesting mix of topics, to say the least, as Alex is all over the place this time. Let's face it, grad school has officially fried his brain.
  • 2,886
    In this article MysticLancer will go through a draft with original and revised picks discussing them pick by pick. He will also discuss his original and revised deck, review his match(es) and discuss an important tip for drafting.
  • 2,426
    White Weenie was once dominating the Online Metagame, with WW taking all top eight and 13 of the top 16 slots in a big PE. Then the Pro Tour showed the world how to hate out White Weenie. That means it's time to play --- White Weenie? Oh, yes - and I'll tell you why.
  • 2,020
    Hello, and welcome to my new weekly or bi-weekly column! Read on as I explore arround and discover MTG and MTGO, experiencing as much as possible.
  • 2,859
    Sometimes the Angel of Inspiration whispers to your ear the perfect deck idea. But when she's on holiday, your teammates can save you the day.
  • 1,466
    Jinx comes back from hiatus and presents the new and improved Roil Pain.dec and tests it against the current online metagame...
  • 2,702
    The basic outline for a 60-card tribal deck is 20 creatures, 16 support cards, 24 lands. But what if we don't want to run lands?
  • 1,901
    Decklists, theory, and more from the world of PDC.
  • 3,881
    During the fifth installment of Drafting with MysticLancer we'll review another draft (a rather nice one too), the deck, the match(es) and a lesson that can help you win more games!
  • 2,325
    The next pro tour qualifier season, in the paper world, is Time Sprial block constructed. I could say that I'm playing my Radha build to get a jump on the competition, but the truth is that winning with it is just pureMTGO fun.
  • 1,850
    As many of you know, I am a pre tournament organizer on here, but what many of you don't know is where these pre's are, where they are held, where to find info on them, etc. etc. This article is for YOU!
  • 3,546
    Sebastian returns to talk about the state of the Free-for-All Player Run Events' in light of the recent banning of Mind's Desire!
  • 2,682
    I spent 6 tickets to learn these lessons. You don't have to.
  • 7,465
    Get bored of playing with the same cards? Do you need a change? How about something fresh or even better, something unseen? Yes, I said unseen. Let me show you how you can do that.
  • 2,253
    I can't resist analyzing drafts. MysticLancer showed us his picks and his thoughts in his article - I added some of my own thoughts.
  • 2,042
    hamtastic takes part in the first Eternal Struggle tournament of Season Two. How did he do? How did his pet deck turn out? Did he actually sideboard Mind Sludge in Classic? Find out now!
  • 2,973
    This week MysticLancer discusses what is need in a white and blue deck in the 999 format to win. This week's draft features a white and blue deck, a deck analysis, and great recaps of the matches that follow.
  • 2,147
    This article describes a casual deck that I've been playing for a while. This deck uses Sins of the Past & Eye of the Storm to create a unique combo
  • 1,844
    In this issue of Standard Fair, we explore why nothing may matter more than your draw...