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  • Lorwyn Cycles
    While we wait for the set to be released online, I thought we'd explore the fun stuff we can find in the card cycles from Lorwyn.
  • 1,939
    Iceage4life take a look at cards from Lorwyn that could make an impact on the Singleton format. Instead of doing a run of the mill set review though, he suggests some decks, and adds some of the new cards to them. Throughly entertaining to read, see if you agree with him, or disagree, and than sound off!
  • 2,278
    Discussion of this weeks topics including a breakdown of changes to the MTGO client and some thoughts about a red, burning irritation that some MTGO folks have been dealing with...
  • 1,949
    Alex tries to examine breaking the back of the decks that stop you from taking action in PDC.
  • 1,506
    Umii takes a look at the results from a recent Standard with Vanguard tournament on MTGO. After showing off a couple of the successful decks in the field, he offers tips and tricks to surviving this format. Interested? Read on!
  • 5,093
    Every month, PureMTGO users run a card design contest in this site's forums. This article contains the entries, along with the judges' scores and commentary, for the September 2007 contest, in which contestants were tasked with designing cards with alternate win conditions (like Battle of Wits or Barren Glory). If you're interested in the finer points of card design, or just want to see some cool card ideas, read on!
  • 3,769
    Rob works on another casual deck, this time for the Extended format. The key card this time around? Endless Whispers. Can he build a fun deck that won't crash and burn? Can you help?
  • 3,011
    Winding down the Time Spiral Block season, Rasparthe takes a shot at a unique under the radar deck, and goes into an indepth discussion about Lorwyn and some it's key removal spells.
  • 2,463
    You have a great idea for a cool new deck. You slap it together and goldfish a bit. It seems to work. So how do you tune it to win tournaments? Well, I’ve been doing that since Urza’s Saga block – let me give you some hints.
  • 1,648
    A little chart from last week opened up a crate of worms. Check out what other goodies this data has unearthed in this weeks State, aka, "The Sum of All Rares".
  • 2,010
    Continuing our look at the creature type update, a bevy of tribes from the islands.
  • 2,767
    Pro Tour Valencia is just around the corner, so the Extended format is seeing a lot of hype! Bubbakush takes a look at a legal extended combo with a turn one kill set up specially for the budget casual crowd. Interested? Click the link to find out more!
  • 1,278
    Here are some tips at drafting. Click here to take a look at some more fundamentals, than apply them as we get ready to take a look at Lorwyn on MTGO!
  • 4,542
    Rob Rogers takes a second look at a deck featuring a powerful, but underused card from Future Sight, this time with a different partner color. Can he make a great deck involving Nacatl War Pride, or will he fall on his face trying? Click the link to find out!
  • Power in PDC
    Alex returns with an examination of the power of cards in PDC.
  • 2,220
    RonnieDobbs takes a fantastic look at one of the most played decks on MTGO. Dredge has become a powerhouse in the Extended format, with turn two kills becoming common. Is Extended Dredge being built correctly? Is Breakthrough the best Dredge enabler in the format? Open up to find out!
  • 2,148
    For my first article, we take a look at the new keywords in Lorwyn in light of those that have come before.
  • 2,124
    This weeks State of the Program brings you PayPal Problems, MTGO World Qualifiers, a full week of server availability stats, and more!
  • 1,605
    A new Block will soon be upon us. The spoiler has officially been released and the speculation and deckbuilding has already begun. Plus a small look at a 2x Block Constructed Event.
  • 1,652
    In this series of columns, I'll be taking a look at the Top 8s of MTGO premiere events. We'll examine the matches, and keep a running tally to see what decks have the best results once in elimination rounds.
  • 2,396
    This is the time to buy those Ravnica cards - prices will never be lower. However, you only want to buy those that will be useful in the future. This series of articles identifies those cards. This time out: blue and white.
  • 4,036
    Rob Rogers takes a unique look at a deck featuring a powerful but underused card from Future Sight. Can he make a great deck involving Nacatl War Pride, or will he fall on his face trying? Click the link to find out!
  • 1,539
    In Lorwyn, all things are possible. Well, not really, but new things are. What, in particular, is possible? Red-black Goblin aggro.
  • 2,045
    The world of Tribal Wars has experienced the biggest shake-up since the formation of Tribal Standard, as every single creature ever printed has its oracle text updated. What can we do with them now?
  • 2,600
    A weekly run down of discussion, statistics, announcements and more! Highlights this week: Top 8 Draft discussion and Lorwyn Beta Sign-ups.