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    Wizards has announced that Masters Edition II’s last day in the store is late next month. They also announced a last minute sale package. Is it worth buying MEDII in bulk? Is it worth trying to draft a set of duals in the last couple days? More to the point, can Classic survive thew end of MEDII?
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    A close look at the online metagame in the MTGO Daily Events with decklists, data and videos about the 4 major constructed for2mats: Standard , Extended , Block Constructed and Classic. Also an interview with a Chinese Pro Player that keeps bashing the Standard Competition in the MTGO Daily Events.
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    Alex takes a look at a hot trend in Pauper that started with the PE: Teachings Control. Alex goes over the construction of the deck and takes a look at his first build.
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    This coming up Tuesday, February 24, 2009, I am going to be running a contest of sorts for PureMTGO.com! All you have to do is find me in the Anything Goes room, battle me, and beat me in a match. Winners will receive one pack of Conflux from me if you win.
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    With Conflux right around the corner (or right here depending on when you're reading this), Sebastian and Erik take a closer look at exactly what's changed with Conflux on MTGO.
  • 6,437
    With Conflux coming up on 23rd Febuary, right before the March 15 PE, Tarmotog looks at the potential uses of the cards from the upcoming set in the Singleton 100 format.
  • 3,818
    This is a set review of Conflux for Pauper Standard. In this review, I cover all 60 Conflux commons and rate them according to how they may chance the metagame.
  • 4,766
    Are they getting better? A retrospective look at the change success rates of the MTGO team... also a quick guide of 'what not to pass' in a draft!
  • 4,747
    Join whiffy as he rambles on about playing the meta, building a classic collection and shows off multiple "budget" decks for people thinking about making a jump in to classic but are thwarted by the perceived unattainable buy in with $70.00 counterspells and $350.00 mana bases. An interesting and informative read for any one from the diehards to the extended and standard players with a passing interest.
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    A draft recap of triple Shards of Alara, with the draft, commentary and also videos of the games. Just setting the mood for the AAC season to come. This is the last AAA draft article we are going to be running here on PureMtgo, so get ready for Conflux to come out soon, and get ready for the new drafting strategies!
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    This was a 8-4 draft with a few decisions to make. I ended up losing in the semi-final in a very even match.
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    With Alara coming to a close, Sebastian decides to visit the land of Alara and pluck out an Esper draft in this edition of Rune Drafting.
  • 4,149
    For my second article, I discuss some of the trickier to evaluate rares of the Shards of Alara format.
  • 6,765
    Last week, Pete proposed a rotation schedule for Classic sets that would have Mirage block, Tempest block, etc., as well MEDII & MEDIII, reappear every four years, allowing future players a chance to obtain these staples. He left for this week two big issues: what to do with MEDI and how to get people to actually open the Classic sets like Mirage.
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    A close look at the MTGO Standard metagame analyzing the top8s from all the Daily Events held from 19/1 to 1/2, providing deck lists, insights and lots of information about all the decks from the Standard scene.
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    Giraffe is back with his perspective on the Pauper queues post February 1st's Premier Event.
  • 2,400
    Sebastian (runeliger) and Erik (Hamtastic) laud Pauper, examine Force of Will, and talk Conflux beta in this edition of Freed From the Real.
  • 10,944
    Interested in playing a crazy, random format forever for under 10 tickets? If so then check out today's article for a look (with video) at the most unique format on MTGO: Next Level Momir Basic!
  • 2,297
    The next draft in the series. Seems that every once in a while, I get into the right colors and it's, nice.
  • 8,391
    With the release of the new set, the Alara Block meta will change entirely. If you don't know what to play in that new environment, here's a little help for you.
  • 2,717
    Given all the conflux about Alara, Sebastian returns to an older time, a time before shifting planes. Rune Drafting brings you the final Tempest draft (as they no longer fire frequently enough!). (Didn't Tempest shift planes as well?)
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    Come on in and see how I did with a Naya deck in the 4-man queues.
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    After 50 days of a boring metagame, Extended PDC saw innovations last Wednesday, with many deck builders trying new stuff. Dark_Knight05 was the successful pilot to bring Shayden's Blightning Aggro to its first XPDC victory! Let's take a look at that intriguing design.
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    An in depth look at the new features being tested, card price and more!
  • 4,380
    What happens when someone builds a deck from scratch 20 minutes before a tournament and plays it blind? They win the whole dang thing, that's what! Join me in my journey to winning my first Premier Event, and discover a new deck in the process.